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Peblo's Tourey is finishing up!
News posted 17th December, 2008 by Rikus  
The end is in sight for Peblo's Tournament folks! The last round is going on right now and will end in Janury! The finalists are Bibin, Don Luciano and Chrilley! Good luck to you all!

Comments from Peblo:This has been without a doubt the longest competition ever in Klik history, providing many klik games for the community, some even outside the community! I'd like to thank first and foremost those who have participated, this wouldn't have been the tremendous success it has been without you. Thanks to you, the next time the tourey comes around, prizes won't be so hard to come by and will be more plentiful. Next, thank you to TDC for the hosting and the environment which encourages user to use and expand their imaginations and present their ideas to the world in the art form they love: games. Lastly, thanks to clickteam, not only for the donation, but for even creating the tools to aid us in our quest for game development.
Click here to go to the Round 7 forum page!

Posted by OMC 17th December, 2008

Good luck, guys.

BTW, probably not worth mentioning, but I think it's round 7 now.
Posted by Peblo 17th December, 2008

Ah, well done, thanks Rikus! Good luck guys!
Posted by -MacAdaM- 17th December, 2008

Good lucky everyone!
Hope you make some awesome games for me to play!
Bahahaha. >:]
Posted by -Nick- 17th December, 2008

It's a bit harsh asking someone to make something and not even use it.
Posted by Ski 17th December, 2008

Peblo please don't waste my time again
Posted by W3R3W00F 17th December, 2008

That was the most bootiful thing I've ever read. Good luck guys! Now who wants a banana split? It's on me!
Posted by OMC 17th December, 2008

A codemonkey's avatar banana split? Poor codemonkey. ;__;
Posted by Peblo 17th December, 2008

Excuse me if it's rude to say so, but I would advise you to not judge the situation before you know the other side of the story. I will talk to you later, adam.
Posted by Ski 17th December, 2008

I doubt that.
Posted by Marko 17th December, 2008

I don't even know what you're on about. Peblo, fair play mate i've said it before but this is a fantastic Tourey! Good luck everyone and well done for getting to the final
Posted by W3R3W00F 17th December, 2008

Oh yeah, forgot his avatar was a banana. AH well, who wants a codemonkey?

Posted by Peblo 17th December, 2008

Mark: I was talking to nick and adam, it doesn't effect the tourey. Perhaps just a misunderstanding, it will be taken care of.

Thanks for giving the competitors encouragement guys!
Comment edited by Peblo on 12/18/2008
Posted by Marko 19th December, 2008

Peblo: no worries - great Tourey!


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