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New Game: Bala de Revólver
News posted 20th December, 2008 by Rikus  
Happy Holidays, from TDC! I hope everyone is having a great holiday! But just because it is a holiday does not mean we here at the DC are resting on our pillows! Oh no, it is GAME TIME, and why not start out this holiday week with a brand new game? Bala de Revolver created by Diefox is a brand new action beat'm up game, and we can't have enough of those i say! Happy Holidays and thanks to Diefox for uploading his game! Hopefully he can finish this great piece of work one day!

Comments from DieFox:The Hi, my name is José Henrique and I'm here to present you my game, Bala de Revólver. Bala de Revólver (Revolver Bullet) is an action game that falls under the Beat'em Up genre. In the Wild West, you are Raymond Walker and Marguerite Roberts, two outlaws hunting a great treasure that is supposed to be hidden in the depths of Fort Eagle city, and they will do whatever it takes to get their hands on it.
Click here to go to the download page for Bala de Revolver!

Posted by Marko 20th December, 2008

Download! Download! Download! Download! Download! Download! Download! Download! Download! Download!

Brilliant example of a well-polished game!!
Posted by Ski 21st December, 2008

I hate the term "polished". The gameplay and the graphics are nice, although the graphical style itself isn't my cup of tea.
Posted by Marko 21st December, 2008

Ironically the closest i've seen to the graphics in this game, in my opinion, are yours -Adam-
Posted by Ski 21st December, 2008

Because I make photo-shopped beat em ups all the time, Mark.
Posted by Marko 21st December, 2008

Yes, you do use Photoshop quite a bit, see here;

and no, i never once said you made beat-em-ups, i was talking about graphics, see here;

so please don't get your arse in your hands everytime you disagree with anyone. Can't we all just be friends??
Comment edited by Mark Radon on 12/21/2008
Posted by Ski 21st December, 2008

I fail to see your point. Granted, they're all made in photoshop, but the style of my work and Diefox's art is nothing alike.


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