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New Game: Little Ghost Joe
News posted 14th January, 2009 by Rikus  
Little Ghost Joe is a very cute/spooky new game made by Johnny Look about a ghost trying to get some revenge, the game has a very cool retro art style to it so be sure to check it out!

Comments from Johnny Look:The Started back in 2006, Little Ghost Joe took almost 3 years to complete, but after countless delays, it's finally here. LGJ is a platformer inspired by many classic platformers like Super Mario Bros, with rather unique visuals and setting (beggining of the XX century). Click here to go to the download page for Little Ghost Joe!

Posted by Rikus 14th January, 2009

Ps, were are all the admins! Guys? ---.. umm guys? ____
Posted by Jon Lambert 14th January, 2009

You know, I meant to download this game once...
Posted by Marko 14th January, 2009

Woah, i'm seeing double here... FOUR RIKUS'S!! Downloading now...
Posted by Johnny Look 14th January, 2009

thanks for the front page post rikus !


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