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New Game: Walkie Tonky
News posted 19th January, 2009 by Rikus  
And who said mondays were boring! Lift your monday blues with another very well made and stylish game called: Walkie Tonky created by Mårten. The effects in this game are amazing!

Comments from Mårten:Walkie Tonky is a physics-based action game which puts you in the shoes of a giant robot invading Earth. Smash and kick your way forward using the robot's every limb to cause mayhem and clear the road ahead. All is experienced with a presentation that binds visuals and audio together, and an engaging control scheme.

Click here to go to the download page for Walkie Tonky!

Posted by OMC 20th January, 2009

This is COMPLETELY unrelated, the concept isn't even the same, but I had a stupid character named Wonky Tonky a long time ago... Good times.
Posted by W3R3W00F 20th January, 2009

Those gfx are amazing! I couldn't even do those on Pencil and paper... Nice game mate!
Posted by Dr. James MD 20th January, 2009

I had a Tonka Truck toy when I was a kid, the thing was huuuuge.
Posted by Mårten 20th January, 2009

Thanks! My name is actually Mårten though
Posted by Rikus 20th January, 2009

Fixed! My bad
Posted by W3R3W00F 20th January, 2009

"I had a Tonka Truck toy when I was a kid, the thing was huuuuge."

Lol I did too. I think I got it when I was 3...



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