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2009 Site Upgrades: Chat, we got chat!
News posted 24th January, 2009 by Rikus  
Well folks we got chat! I stumbled on this cool looking flash based/irc chat and it seem to work really well. The server is pretty darn stable and everything works pretty smoothly.

Clubsoft was kind enough to code a "whois online box" that you will now see to appear all around the site! So if you have a free moment come and join us to chat about your favourite subject, creating games! Oh and of course we gotta talk about Dumplings its a given

Click here to start Chatting!!

Posted by Jon C-B 24th January, 2009

Yay! Go chatroom!
Posted by -Nick- 24th January, 2009

Careful with that copy+paste, Rikus!
Posted by OMC 24th January, 2009

Yay! Just so you all know, clients like Miranda are very handy for use with this.
Comment edited by OldManClayton on 1/24/2009
Posted by aphant 24th January, 2009

Yes, using an actual IRC client (such as Miranda, mIRC, X-Chat, etc) is quite helpful. Accidentally close the browser? No problem! You just lose a bit of functionality when you don't use the Flash client, though; You can't change your nickname, for example.

To setup your IRC client for usage with the new chatroom, click the link in the newspost, and login with your preferred nickname. If it's already taken, don't fret, just change it to something else. When you have a non-taken nick, either click the button on the bottom right called "Options" and then click "Register". It'll ask for your email and designated password. You can then login using your preferred IRC client.
Posted by Rikus 24th January, 2009

Thanks for letting everyone know Adam, thats a good tip!
Posted by Ricky 24th January, 2009

yeah, more customizable in an irc client
Posted by Simon Czentnár 24th January, 2009

That's great!


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