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New GOTW #312: Climbing Clive & The Rolling Rascals
News posted 25th January, 2009 by Rikus  
The winner of GOTW number 312 is Climbing Clive & The Rolling Rascals with 24 votes! Created by MJK! Woohoo! Congrats! It was a tight race with Little ghost Joe who received 23 votes! This does earn creator Johnny Look the Grey gotw cup! Congrats to both! Some cool games for this week so be sure to make a wise choice! Click here to Climbing Clive & The Rolling Rascals this weeks GOTW winner! **

# Pang The Beginning ** # Blob's Adventure ! ** # Flashcards ** # Another Tower **

Posted by -Nick- 25th January, 2009

Congrats MJK, and unlucky Johhny Look, but at least you got something!
Posted by OMC 25th January, 2009

Congratumalations, MJK!
Posted by -MacAdaM- 25th January, 2009

Good luck guys!

Super close!

Rikus, you put "Johhny Look".
It's "Johnny Look"

Comment edited by MacAdaM on 1/25/2009
Posted by Rikus 25th January, 2009

Whoopsy, fixed
Posted by Cecilectomy 25th January, 2009

AGHHH member profiles went all wacky!
do (not) want ;___;
Posted by Ski 25th January, 2009

Congrats, I voted for this game. It still had it's faults but it was a great concept IMO
Posted by Mikołaj G. 25th January, 2009

COngartulations, i've voted for this game too. And I am happy, because it won ; - ))) .
Posted by MJK 25th January, 2009

Hey thanks, great to see so many voters and so tough competition for the GOTW. Keep on playin'
Posted by Marko 25th January, 2009

Congratulations MJK, a very worthy winner!
Posted by ranger 26th January, 2009

Hmm.. shouldn't Walkie Tonkie be in this weeks gotw-poll?
Posted by Johnny Look 26th January, 2009

hehe thanks for everyone who voted for my game, congrats mjk !
Oh and btw thanks for the the grey cup


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