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Project Update: Faerie Solitaire
News posted 28th January, 2009 by Rikus  
Here is another very cool game in the works created by our very own Assault Andy! The game deserves all the attention it can get. It looks great and looks like it has been made with style and lots of passion. Cant wait to play this one!

Comments from Andy: I've been making a commercial game with a friend. It's called Faerie Solitaire, and we're very close to releasing it. I thought I'd start a project so you guys can see how it is now and what we will add/change as it is closer to being released. Play a game like no other, as you travel to distant lands in search of those who need saving. Magical creatures far and wide are used for their magic by those who are evil, and itís up to you to save the day by defeating all evil of the land.

Click here to go to the project page for Faerie Solitaire!

Posted by Assault Andy 28th January, 2009

Thank you
Posted by Marko 28th January, 2009

I usually dislike card games, but this looks very very appealing!!!
Posted by nim 29th January, 2009

This looks very nice! All the best with sales
Posted by Cecilectomy 30th January, 2009

looks nice. freeware release with that as well? or completely $$$.

and what a dry week for games. not a single upload!!!
Posted by Rikus 30th January, 2009

Yea we need some new submissions, anyone has anything good kicking around? Need something new to play
Posted by W3R3W00F 30th January, 2009

I'm working on a new build of Desktop Wars. Should I submit it when I'm done, or should I just update my project page instead?
Posted by OMC 31st January, 2009

I have not got very much done recently.
Posted by Pkeod 31st January, 2009

Let this be an inspiration to you all. So far this project has only taken four months, and in serious dev time that's exceptional.
Comment edited by Pkeod on 1/31/2009
Posted by Ski 31st January, 2009

Lol, talk about selling yourself.


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