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New Game: Blob's Bubble Buster Adventure!
News posted 1st February, 2009 by Rikus  
Woohooo! Here is our first submission to our new Mini-Compo! And we are off to a great start thanks to Solgryn this weeks gotw winner! In this fun game you have to get those blasted bubbles and pop them like there is no tomorrow!

Comments from Solgryn:I made this short game for the competition, well I had worked on it before but I finished it for the competition =D. In the game you'll shoot the bubbles comming down from the sky with your plasma gun! They'll drop upgrades and there will be more and more as the times goes by. When you shoot, you'll loose energy, and when your energy is 0 you can't shoot! But when you don't shoot, your energy will regenarate!!!!

Click here to go to the download page for Blob's Bubble Buster Adventure!!

Remember when you submit a game for the compo to put in the description that it is for the mini-compo so i can add it to my list of games to judge:)

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