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New Mini Game Entry: Mr. Sloppy
News posted 3rd February, 2009 by Rikus  
And Bibin joins the compo with his entry called Mr. Sloppy! In the game you are a cat that has to survive!! Thanks Bibin! Only 5 more days left folks, but there is still penty of time to get started!

Comments from Bibin:This is the quick, fast minigame known as Mr. Sloppy! You play as a small cat, and like most cats your life involves avoiding falling off the bottom of the screen while platform hopping. Z is to jump, left and right are to move, and if you hit Z while in the air, you can sputter your legs about to keep yourself up a bit longer.

Click here to go to the download page for Mr. Sloppy!!

Posted by Cecilectomy 3rd February, 2009

i underestimated my goal or my game and its no longer a minigame . once again id rather take on my game as a full project rather than limit it to a short compo.


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