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New Mini Game Compo Entrys!
News posted 5th February, 2009 by Rikus  
What if pacman was transformed into this big action hero with a gun? Well then get Ready for Pacman 1990! created by Bjorn Goransson

Comments from Bjorn:Pacman being portrayed as a musculous super hero with a big gun, of course.The goal is to "consume" (or dispose of) all the shiny goldish pills on the level. You don't have any ammo in your big shiny weapon, so just RUN!!!!!!!!

Click here to go to the download page for Pacman 1990!!!

We also have 3 other games for you Crazy cat Killer created by mr werewolf. (dont click if you dont like the name of the game) ~~ And then there is Timed Target a new mini shoot'm up game created by Sumo! ~~ Also we have Dotman finds a house with gold in it a new puzzle type of game made by Andyuk!

Enjoy the entries folks and remember its not to late yet, jump into the fun! The compo runs until Friday Midnight MST!

Posted by Zoglu 5th February, 2009

"The compo runs until Friday Midnight MST!"
Sorry, but I want to be sure I've understood this. Is there 0 or 1 day left before the deadline?
Posted by Rikus 5th February, 2009

another day
Posted by Del Duio 5th February, 2009


It's entries, not entrys.
Posted by Rikus 5th February, 2009

fixed, sometimes english does not make any sense to me
Posted by AndyUK 6th February, 2009

The Crazy cat killer's creator is named Werewoof btw. Well either that or ωξяξW○○F, lol


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