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More New Mini Game Comp Entries!!
News posted 6th February, 2009 by Rikus  
We are closing in on friday night, only 1 more day to go! Tonight we received 3 new submissions! One of the new submissions is Spaceman Sam created by Sheexy

Comments from Sheexy:You're Spaceman Sam and you crash landed on the moon and all the gears to your spaceship flew out! It's up to you to find your trusty grappling hook to collect all the gears! Have fun exploring and grappling around or try to make a new record!

Click here to go to the download page for Space Man Sam!!!

We also have 2 other games for you Massacre: Experimentation Mode created by Wiiman, get ready for some blasting action with this one! ~~ Also we have Dots! Race against time to click on all the correctly colored dots in each level created by Jon C-B!

Only 1 day left, keep them coming, its going to be a very cool reviewing these games for you all! In the weekend I will make a special Mini-Comp page that will list all the games submitted for a easy downloading overview. My remarks and final scores will also be posted on that page. Here is a link to see how much Time you have left

Posted by Marko 6th February, 2009

Man i really wanted to enter this compo but just haven't had the time to get round to this - everyone who has entered is a better person than me!
Posted by Zoglu 6th February, 2009

There are like 8 entries for the compo which aren't accepted yet.
As Rikus said that the other players' opinion would change his final score, I'm afraid some entries might be disadvantaged. Hopefully he will take this into account.


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