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New Game: Klik Wolfenstein
News posted 31st May, 2002 by Rikus  

Click and 3d games? Am i dreaming? Nope its for real. Josh Whelchel is working on a 3d click game using the klik opengl extension. Comments from the Author: Yes its possible to make a game with Klik OpenGL. (sorta?) Anyway, here is a small example demo using sprites. Even collision detection is used. Its Klik Wolfenstein, not a full featured game but its to inspire you. Click here to download the game and read the reviews

Posted by skn3 31st May, 2002

rikus i think you made a booboo ;) where did you read this, and how long ago.. or is any news good news, evan tho its about 1 year old heheheh :)
Posted by 31st May, 2002

umm what he means to say is that the mistake is that I'm no longer working on it. Its free for anyone to continue work on (:~
Posted by skn3 31st May, 2002

oh whoops my bad,.. dam i wish there was an edit/delete thing
Posted by Joshtek 31st May, 2002

The colision detection means if your anywhere near a wall you stop, and if the box is on the edge of the screen it disappears, just a few fine tunements and a more complex map and itd be even cooler.


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