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New Game: Geronimo & The Golden Clock - DEMO
News posted 13th February, 2009 by Rikus  
Ohh funky demo time folks!DeadmanDines is impressing lotso f folks with his latest platform demo, check it out for a fun gaming experience!

Comments from DeadmanDines:This is Vila Tartaruga! What will become the first level in the Golden Clock game. It's not completed by any means, but I feel a little dry, so I thought I'd get some comments! Featuring Basic example of the conversation system, nothing special. It's open-ended enough to do whatever I want though, be it a random selection of quotes for each NPC (most common) or a list of quotes which occur in a certain order, or an interaction between 2 NPCs in a kind of cutscene.

Click here to go to the download page for Geronimo & The Golden Clock !!!

Ps. All the reviews for the mini comp have been completed and written, I decided on the winner! I am now recording the voice-reviews for the next klikcast then its combining the video and audio together. :)

Posted by OMC 13th February, 2009

Must download later...

You ready?



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