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New Game: Click Copter 2009
News posted 13th February, 2009 by Rikus  
Yea Friday is here, the day were the fun begins, the last day of school or work, the day were you dont really have to focus and you can fantasize about all the cool stuff you are going to do this fantastic weekend! YEAAAAA FRIDAY I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .. .. AnyWay! Lets start things off rigth with a cool new game by KNPMASTER called Click Copter 2009! A fun updated new game that should get you even more excited then I am right now!

Comments from Knpmaster:Thousands of years into the future, on a world similar to Earth, a great city stands tall. Everything was awesome, until one day... There was a terrible attack on the city because of envy and greed. Now, people hide in terror and can only hope for one thing... A super droid: CC-150. Designed as the master defense weapon, must stand against the evil invaders using it's speed and wits, and bring an end to the terror!

Click here to go to the download page for Click Copter 2009!!!

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