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New Project Update: Mark Of Darkness
News posted 4th March, 2009 by Rikus  
dex has also updated his project page with some new info and screenies, his art is getting better by the name, and the entire game is getting a great look. Check for the huge story and more pictures on his project page!

Comments from SDex :Heya guys, long time i don't post here, isn't it? Well, in all this time i have been focusing on the main character, because i wasn't so satisfied yet of his appearance. I'm talking of the concept of the character, his dresses, accessories, etc. And i have been practising coloring and drawing as well^^ Now i think i'm ok and i think that i can go on with the project. Look at the last works: Before of all, i have restyled dex's face, i have totally redrawn and recolored it.

Click here to go to the project page for Mark Of Darkness!!!

Posted by alastair john jack 7th March, 2009

Posted by OMC 7th March, 2009

Haha, I KNEW that's what this would say.
Posted by dex 7th March, 2009

Thanks, Rikus, for the short article here and for what you are saying about my game
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