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New Demo: Ziggy
News posted 14th March, 2009 by Rikus  
In case you have not clicked the download page in the past couple of days, may i highly suggest Ziggy created by Tom a new platformer that will make you frickin happy!! Now what game can do that to you!

Comments from Tom:Ziggy is a simple platform game where you take control of an acrobatic lizard. It's essentially a remake of the Superfrog Clone I submitted about 5 years ago, not sure if anyone will remember that. This was originally supposed to be an interactive graphics set where you could just walk around 1 small level, but after making the engine I decided to add a little more and thought what the heck i'll turn it into a full demo. Comments, critique and bug reports are very much welcome.

Click here to go to the download page for Ziggy!!

Posted by OMC 14th March, 2009

Excellent game.
Posted by Ski 14th March, 2009

Awesome artwork Love the enemy designs
Posted by alastair john jack 15th March, 2009

Incredible game
Posted by Marko 15th March, 2009

Really awesome game


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