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Cellphones all around me!
News posted 17th March, 2009 by Rikus  
We all know mmf is a great way to make games and also a great stepping stone to bigger things. In the case of KNPMASTER he is now finishing up a IPhone version of his old mmf game Hurdler. A friend of his knew how to program and knpmaster supplied the graphics and oversaw that the gameplay remained the same. Also the mmf version was a great template to create the new Iphone version. To compare it took a couple of months to program the version for the iphone while it only took 2 weeks to make the entire game in mmf! Maybe one day we will be able to save a game straight into a Iphone app, who knows!

Click here to watch a youtube video of the game in motion on the iphone.!

Speaking of Cell-phones, lots of folks are experimenting with the new beta-build for mmf2. MJK has already managed to have his latest game running on his cellphone using the java feature. Of course you need a pretty darn good phone since builds run slow on older phones but if you have one the results are pretty darn fantastic. Click here to see Earthquake maddness 2 running on a Nokia Cell Phone.!

Posted by W3R3W00F 17th March, 2009

Nice! Makes me want an Iphone like crazy now.
Posted by alastair john jack 17th March, 2009

oh I remember this game
Posted by DUGaming 17th March, 2009

i got the demo playing it now
Posted by Sphax 17th March, 2009

And thanks to MMF2, he will able to port it for each handset in Java. ^^
Posted by Simon Czentnár 17th March, 2009

This is very nice, but the IPhone version isn't done with MMF2?
Posted by Dr. James MD 17th March, 2009

Nope, you need the iPhone SDK for that.
Posted by Ski 17th March, 2009
Posted by -Nick- 17th March, 2009

Hooray for MMF!
Posted by Dr. James MD 17th March, 2009

Also isn't that the same as the DS which. well. how many millions sold? how many millions iPhone/iPod Touch?
Posted by Ski 17th March, 2009

Wow that's looking pretty awesome Nick
Posted by Marko 17th March, 2009

Good work with the iPhone game - that's exactly the sort of game that'd work well with a touchphone and would prove popular to gamers of all ability.

Wish i'd thought of it....
Posted by alastair john jack 18th March, 2009

I hope that game is for reals Nick!
Posted by JustinC 20th March, 2009

Note to Clickteam: Your userbase will quadraquadruple if you come up with a version of mmf that allows publishing to iphone/ipod touch.
Posted by KNPMASTER 20th March, 2009

I agree with JustinC
Posted by X_Sheep 20th March, 2009

Note to everyone who wants an iPhone runtime: Apple's license prevents 'code which runs external code' which disallows Clickteam from producing a runtime
Posted by Sphax 21st March, 2009

@X_Sheep: But a MMF2 code can't be considered as an external code. Extensions however can be considered as external code.


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