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New Project update: Planet Of Oddballs: All Cogged Up
News posted 1st April, 2009 by Rikus  
Well it took some time but Poobical has updated his project page with some new pics and a video of his upcoming game called Planet Of Oddballs: All Cogged Up! For some reason I can't wait to play this, its gonna rock!

Comments from Poobical:Its been a long time since I updated this project =(. Sorry about that. It's because of hectic times like exams, coursework and college. Anyway progress is being slowly made. I've finished the first world: Mount Moonhead. I've taken a little picture of it as well. I'll upload a video soon of the level.

Click here to go to the project page for Planet Of Oddballs!!

Posted by W3R3W00F 1st April, 2009

Definitely the best come back on a project in a while! I've waited, and I saw a light!

I also saw a light at the end of a tunnel today. I had to run really, really fast.
Posted by OMC 1st April, 2009

"For some reason" Nah, it's not "for some reason." You're looking forward to playing the game because it looks awesome!
Posted by Jon Lambert 1st April, 2009

Man, that "w" thing is hilarious!
Posted by RenatoDep 1st April, 2009

This looks great!!!


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