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April not fools? MMF Goes Flash!
News posted 2nd April, 2009 by Rikus  
In typical clickteam style, the company decided to releas 2 MMF-Flash examples on April 1st! While initial people believed this was a joke, some people actually started to decompile the flash examples they provided. A clickteam users looki explains

I've been looking at the code using an SWF decompiler for 20 minutes now. No doubts. It's real. Some classes have thousands of lines of codes, Actives, Counters, everything is ported...

I confirmed this with others users to. Fake or real? I am heading to Real. I think Clickteam has been working on this for some time now and while its still months off from release according to Jeff this could be the biggest news clickteam has brought us since the release of mmf 2. The new people playing these mmf-flash games would bring in alone is a huge thumbs up! Now on the other hand if this is a april fools joke then the joke is on us, but I believe clickteam in its own sneaky-cool way dropped a bomb-shell on everyone today. On a day that nobody believed they would dare to do it!

Click here to check out Francois news post and check out the examples!

Posted by OMC 2nd April, 2009

I'm starting to believe it...

Just sit and think about if it were real. No really, think about it. If it's real then this is flat out RIDICULOUS. I mean, this is one of the biggest milestones in click history!

Can you say... MMF2 games on Wii?
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Posted by Sumo148 2nd April, 2009

If this is real, this is going to be big! This better be for MMF2 and not just MMF2 Dev!
Posted by Ricky 2nd April, 2009

Hmm, it is an SWF but i remember them saying at the click convention that it would be impossible to do a flash runtime.
Posted by Poobical 2nd April, 2009

I just can't believe it. I just can't imagine say running like my game Poob as a Flash game. If it could, we're looking at alot of us people getting front pages at Newgrounds lol.
Posted by Jon Lambert 2nd April, 2009

That's what I remember hearing...
Posted by Trooper_959 2nd April, 2009

Dude That will take a lot of complex coding to be able to make that flash converter. Man now i could be able to upload my tgf2 games to Newgrounds! Image well I hope it's available to tgf2 lol

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Posted by Ricky 2nd April, 2009

"Can you say... MMF2 games on Wii?"

Sorry, OMC. Even if this is true, the wii is stuck on an old version of flash while this will probably require the latest version.
Posted by Ski 2nd April, 2009

OMC just found another pet hate of mine
Posted by KNPMASTER 2nd April, 2009

holy shit
Posted by OMC 2nd April, 2009

Posted by aphant 2nd April, 2009

I'd say it's real, but only for the purpose of the joke.
Posted by OMC 2nd April, 2009

I thought it was just a laborious port of those two classics to flash... and that Looki is in on the joke and provided fake screenies of the decompiled swf...

I'm remaining neutral. It could be real, given the geniusness of Clickteam, or it could be a veeeery elaborate and cruel hoax.
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Posted by RedEnchilada 2nd April, 2009

Yeah, sure, it's toooooooootalllllly true.
Posted by W3R3W00F 2nd April, 2009

Dear god, I hope this is true. It IS the first after all... I'm not willing to pay 1k for Flash CS4.
Posted by W3R3W00F 2nd April, 2009

Hmm... I'm not too fond of topic title known an "April the first", Oh so specific and misleading, but I think this is for realz.
Posted by Peblo 2nd April, 2009

I decompiled it, it looks ok. There's too much work put into the code I looked at for it not to be legit, unless they're seriously wasting time.

Finally, a easy way to steal source code.
Comment edited by Peblo on 4/2/2009
Posted by Muz 2nd April, 2009

Lol, they should've made it usable with Flash in the first place, instead of going Vitalize. I'm betting on it being a joke
Posted by OMC 2nd April, 2009

I saw that comment you deleted, Peblo.
Posted by Jon Lambert 2nd April, 2009

So did I!
Posted by Rhys D 2nd April, 2009

btw Rikus, its not Jeff's news post bit of a typo!
Posted by Silveraura 2nd April, 2009

I am fully accepting the idiocy brought upon me if this is actually real, but for now I'm deeming this fake.
Posted by Cecilectomy 2nd April, 2009

im sorry but they have taken how long on hwa? and then suddenly on april first they announce flash runtime?

not in a million years.

edit: i too accept my idiocy if its real
Comment edited by Cecil on 4/2/2009
Posted by UrbanMonk 2nd April, 2009

Hmm, this would be harder to do as a joke than to do for real. So I'm going with real.
Posted by Jeff - Clickteam 2nd April, 2009

2 words - its real
Posted by Fanotherpg 2nd April, 2009

Guys over Vitalize and HWA from what I remember was working Yves. And Java and like we see Flash were Francois works... So if Jeff says it's true, it's true.
Posted by X_Sheep 2nd April, 2009

"holy shit" sounds about right
Posted by Cecilectomy 2nd April, 2009

oh i was mislead. i thought this was a complete flash runtime. i couldnt be bothered to stay on tdc long with the retarded 'R' and 'L' nonsense.

its under development, beta available in a couple of months.

april first was a fantastic choice to let everyone know guys. great job. -.-
Posted by Liquixcat 2nd April, 2009

Wow, excellent!
Posted by Bjorn Goransson aka bornemix 2nd April, 2009

"I remember them saying at the click convention that it would be impossible to do a flash runtime."

"the wii is stuck on an old version of flash while this will probably require the latest version."

You don't know what you're talking about. It's not at all impossible (and has never been) and the runtime doesn't require the latest version.

In fact, they could've made this with Flash 4.
Posted by X_Sheep 2nd April, 2009

I remember playing a direct port of Doom to Flash on Newgrounds. It did require Flash 10.
Posted by Bjorn Goransson aka bornemix 2nd April, 2009

CT's smarter than requiring users to have Flash player 10 (you betcha!), and also, they've never been using a lot of OOP for their runtimes (which is a big factor in requiring higher runtime versions).

If you check the source of the Java runtime, for example, it looks strangely familiar with very low-level C.

Also, I could be wrong.
Posted by -J- 2nd April, 2009

This is pretty incredible... maybe too incredible? Although if this is true, I don't think it would've made such an impact if clickteam had mentioned this earlier with no examples and then gave us a whole lot of updates on it over a few months. Something like this should be announced suddenly.

If this had been released on a regular day, would it be more believable? I think even if this had been released on a regular day, people would still have a hard time believing it; so what better way to announce it than on the one day where people won't believe anything? It makes the eventual acceptance of what's happened even more exciting.

On the other hand, if this is just a joke, it's better they do this on April Fool's day; it may be cruel but at least it gives them some sort of reason to pull a hoax. The people may be disappointed but imagine how angry and disappointed they'd be if this 'hoax' was released on a regular day, Clickteam would have some awful 'splainin to dooo!
Posted by Poobical 2nd April, 2009

This is just wow. Seriously just wow. Very excitied for it's completion.
Posted by X_Sheep 2nd April, 2009

Zeb in Flash is too frighteningly accurate to the original version to be a hoax. This has to be real.
Posted by columbo borgi :C 2nd April, 2009

bad joke :C
Posted by Peblo 2nd April, 2009

Yeah well okay it's not april first anymore so I guess it's real.
Posted by Clickers 2nd April, 2009

It is true that previously when Flash was looked at (and discussed at a convention) that the tools available were too slow. Since then a newer version of action script and set of tools came out that made it speedy
Posted by Ski 2nd April, 2009

@__@ oh my.
Comment edited by -Adam- on 4/2/2009
Posted by W3R3W00F 2nd April, 2009

סּ_סּ -Whoa. No hoax? *wags tail*

This is awesome! I have to agree with Poobical, I mean this is seriously kick ass.

Hey, James, post TNSS on Newgrounds- it would be the longest running "flash game" on there by a few hours.
Posted by lembi2001 2nd April, 2009

what size are the outputs gonna be though??? i dont know if anyone has played the impossible quiz flash game but that is 8mb and seems to take an eternity to load even on a decent connection.
Posted by John Ragland 2nd April, 2009

The Wii has the ability to upgrade the Flash Runtime as Flash would ask it to do this. Obviously if Nintendo put Flash on Wii or anything else, they anticipated a Future upgrade of the system, so the Wii can run any version even the latest version of Flash no doubt, the limitations would be on the developers end, you'd have to keep your idea within the limitations of the Wii hardware...
Plus Ive never had problems using Flash older versions to run them on later versions of Flash Runtime. The only problem would be trying to run Newer Flash games on an older Flash Runtime...
Posted by Codemonkey 2nd April, 2009

Will this be free, like the java and hwa?

Either way, this is pretty much the best thing Clickteam has ever done!

But if this is a joke, you can die in a hole, I'll go to construct for life. >:|
Posted by W3R3W00F 2nd April, 2009

I'm convinced it's the real deal. I mean they can't just play such a cruel trick on a community that's considerably than Flash. That is unless they want one less clicker...
Posted by Jon Lambert 2nd April, 2009

Incorrect. The Wii cannot upgrade the Flash runtime, as Flash knows, because it isn't a supported operating system and the Wii's Internet Channel can only be enhanced (even for Flash) through updates officially distributed by Nintendo. I should know, I have both a Wii and the Internet Channel. And the features exclusive to 8, 9, and 10 that these games might utilize will be unavailable to those using Flash 7.
Posted by Johnny Look 2nd April, 2009

i think everyone's overreacting a bit.
Either it's true or not it doesn't make that much of a diference imo. The best thing to come out from the flash runtime is that you'll be able to submit your games to flash portals.In case you didn't know you could already create browser games using vitalize. I honestly think HWA or java are way bigger improvements. Don't get me wrong, flash is nice but it's not groundbreaking at all.
Posted by Ski 2nd April, 2009

You're making a lemon tree look like PH 10.
Posted by OMC 2nd April, 2009

Oh yes it's big. Vitalize isn't known and trusted by everyone, and most computers already have flash. You may as well have non-clickers download your game as download vitalize, because they'd be more likely to play it. This gives us and Clickteam the opportunity to spread our projects and products (respectively) to a wider audience. Great for everyone! Not to mention that Flash can be a lot faster than Java and runs on more platforms.
Posted by W3R3W00F 2nd April, 2009

It's also more professional, doubtless.

And the fact that you can submit it to portals now gives you more chances to spread the word.

In some terms yes; it is a big deal.
Posted by Spiriax 3rd April, 2009

Wow this stuff is RAD. Newgrounds, here we go!
Posted by Jon C-B 3rd April, 2009

This would bring Click games a huge step forward, pretty much every computer has flash don't they?!?!?
Posted by W3R3W00F 3rd April, 2009


Umm... flash is like, $1000. The closest thing to Flash that everyone has is Flash player.
Posted by Cecilectomy 3rd April, 2009


Umm... flash is like, $1000. The closest thing to Flash that everyone has is Flash player. "

im 100% positive thats what he meant -.-
Posted by Otter 3rd April, 2009

I've heard Jeff talk about this, but I didn't think it would be this soon...
Posted by Jon C-B 3rd April, 2009

Wait...I'm confused. In what way are flash and flash player different?
Posted by OMC 3rd April, 2009

Flash is what you make the animations and games etc. in. Flash Player is what everyone installs in their browser to view those. So you could go to adobe and buy Flash (MX? 08? I haven't kept up) for some loads o' moolah and then make things and publish them as SWF's for people to watch/play with Flash Player, which is free.

This is genius because we have a way to reach a very wide audience since flash is popular and MMF2 is cheaper than Adobe's studio.
Posted by Poobical 3rd April, 2009

Yeah I agree with this being genius Clayton. Its just sweet idea. Blows TGF right out of the water now. LOL
Posted by OMC 3rd April, 2009

Haha, you bet yer biscuits!
Posted by bigredron 3rd April, 2009

This is 100% real guys. can't wait. MMF2 is really stepping up to the big boys.
Posted by MBK 4th April, 2009

"Blows TGF right out of the water now. LOL"

Hah! .. not really, because TGF and MMF are used in conjunction with eachother. Alot of people still use TGF1 to make the game, then just compile it with MMF2. Most just don't say anything about it.

I rarely ever use an extension even in TGF1.

Why would I need all that bulk of MMF2 in my way? Until I get to the end of the project and need to add some extras, and give the game some extra capability, most things are better built in TGF1. MMF2 is useful for the things that TGF1 cannot do, and to add the final touches to a TGF1 project. So, Image

Oh, btw, why does MMF2 not support Midi? Midi is perfect to practice making games because of the small file size. Midis are good as placeholders too, until better music is obtained or created for the work in progress.

Btw, I don't believe this topic (only because the games aren't working for me).

It's possibly real, but I refuse to believe it until I actually see it compile from MMF2. For me the 2 games provided just freeze and do nothing.


It's quite possible that the links to the games are a hoax, but that the Flash capability is real, to add to the trick.

Comment edited by MBK on 4/4/2009
Posted by OMC 4th April, 2009

Well, one, MMF2 is compatible with midi, don't know where you're getting that.

Two, Flash games seem to work on my end... maybe you need to update to Flash 10?
Posted by Jon Lambert 4th April, 2009

What OMC said. Flash works for me (Gracilus V and Zeb) and MIDI is under music in the sound object on the event editor.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 4th April, 2009

I'm pretty sure there isn't a single advantage to using TGF over MMF2. The interfaces are almost identical.
Posted by OMC 5th April, 2009

No, they are very different... There are those of us who like the streamlined feel and animation editor better enough to draw in that and import to MMF2 for other features.

Granted, MMF2 is worth switching to, but there ARE advantages.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 5th April, 2009

That's the opposite of what streamlined means, though. MMF2's animation editor IS streamlined. It all fits in one window to improve workflow. I know it's a comfort zone issue but MMF2 was definitely easier to get used to than 1.5 (Which was, let's face it, a buggy mess, and still is).
Posted by OMC 5th April, 2009

Streamlined doesn't necessarily mean clumped together. It is a comfort zone thing, but I know that no matter how much I get used to MMF2, there's just a certain amount of efficiency that won't be reached by me simply because of the way things are laid out. Little things here and there...
Posted by Ricky 5th April, 2009

I wouldn't say MMF2s interface is less efficient, it is actually more efficient if you have a big screen.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 5th April, 2009

That's true, I do remember liking MMF2 less before I got a 1680x1050 monitor.
Posted by DaVince 8th April, 2009

This is some nice stuff. Glad they finally got around to doing things like this.
Posted by MasterM 10th April, 2009

If we will all be able to convert our MMF games to Flash the whole click community will invade Flash sites like Newgrounds and all those other sites and take them by storm.

I personally think that most flash games SUCK. Also AS is a pain in the ass. The shit some people do in flash in 3 weeks...anybody can fart that one out of their ass in MMF in only 3 days.

IF THIS IS REAL (and ive been told it is) it is a BIGGER improvement then just MMF 2. This will give MMF actual CUSTOMERS. Not just the small handful of users we all know. It will open a big ass market for clickteam. Flash is BIG and everybody wants to do shit in Flash - with MMF anybody can! It will be great for ad agencies and everybody.

MMF can do Java that means you can start making cell phone games in MMF and SELL THEM! A lot of cells even run Flash games now and soon we will be able to do those in MMF as well.
Think about the cross platform possibilities. EVERYBODY can run your flash games then and you could start your own company selling your games. SHIT people could actually make a LIVING with Clicking this time FOR REAL.

It is certainly the biggest improvement ever and I shit my pants multiple times and still am. It's like diarrhoea of happiness.

Now I am wondering how all this is possible and what will work. We know Flash uses MP3s- clickteam never bought a license for MP3 and we can only import mp3s external but we cant embed those into our files. how will that work with SWFs? I dont want to use a big ass WAV. We all know flash cant support things like midi MMF still uses.

I am wondering about the file size. What will be smaller : MY game as EXE or SWF? I bet EXE. It would be great if MMF could actually support Vectors but thats too much to ask for I think but with all those pixel graphics the SWF files will contain the files will end up being DAMN BIG unless we make some more Snake/Pong clones. LOL

Anyways if this all works out as planned (and i still cant believe it)
1) this will give Clickteam a lot of sales
2) a lot of people will find out about MMF suddenly
3) the community will get bigger
4) maybe there will be new community sites and a lot of jerks/little kids will join TDC and ruin the nice atmosphere we've got here with their attitude
5) if it becomes super big and super popular and only MMF dev will have it expect a shitload of torrents to be out there and clickteam NOT making the money they deserve :C


Posted by MBK 13th April, 2009

Hmm ... I guess it just deleted my midi files when transferring the code from TGF1 to MMF2 ... so if I put them back in after it's in MMF2 it should work.

Yea, you're probably right ... although I'm not sure if I want to install Flash 10 as I tried it once and it made a registry file that was impossible to delete ... I had to do a system restore to get rid of it.

I guess I'll have to eventually ... hmm, is there a way to have both Flash 9 and Flash 10 viewers at the same time? ... some sites like 9 better and others like 10 better I noticed.

@MasterM, that's some colourful language ya got there .. haha, diarrhea of happiness .. heh.



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