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News posted 31st May, 2002 by Rikus  

The staff at Cafelite just wanted to let you know that if you can't find your own server to upload your games you can use there server. So you might want to check that out then. Click here to check it out

Posted by Bart 31st May, 2002

Posted by DrJake 31st May, 2002

Bart.. We all know you have your own site;) So I guess thats why you not interested lol
Posted by Bart 31st May, 2002

Erm no, I just had a few interesting conversations with Cafelite :P
Posted by DrJake 31st May, 2002

lol, you got me there;)
Posted by Cafelite 31st May, 2002

Yeah Bart, remember about the toilet paper conversation we had? ;) We were under the influence of boredom. To activate the Member’s Upload you have to sign up. Then you login and look to the far left under the “::Member-Area::” block and you will see “Member Upload”. When you submit you game, media ...etc you have to way until an admin approves your submission because of security reason. Oh yeah Bart, remember we was talking about me ruling the world and you was going to be the first I get rid of in my campaign? LOL Thank You, James Harris
Posted by Bart 31st May, 2002

Showing off your huge ego again eh?
Posted by jast 1st June, 2002

Does one have to register to d/l a game?


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