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New DC Store and points system now live!
News posted 7th April, 2009 by Flava  
Earlier Rikus posted about the new DC store and points system which would be arriving soon - well the good news is that the system is now up and running, and should hopefully be working for everybody!

I figured I'd go over a few things first - the whole thing took a while to code, and involves a lot of changes on several areas of the site. That means there could be a few bugs around the site that need ironing out (I've tested all the pages I've edited for bugs, but there could be a few that have sneaked through). If you find any bugs, or even if you have any suggestions, post them in the comments section of this news post.

You will be awarded points for submitting downloads, articles, projects, reviews, links and forum posts. There are only a few items in the store, and we plan on introducing more (such as tags for your profile, new themes for you to use on the site). If you have any ideas for items in the store, post them in the comments of this news post.

Hope you like the new features, please do offer constructive criticism and suggestions.

Edit: All DC points have been recalculated based upon content you have submitted to the site, so some of you will have a lot more points than you had before (some may even have less!)

Posted by Dr. James MD 7th April, 2009

This is hella cool.
Posted by OMC 7th April, 2009

Posted by RedEnchilada 7th April, 2009

How'd I get 759 points? Last I checked, I had something like 10 or 12.

Don't change it back, though. Even if it's unintentional. I like them.
Posted by Muz 7th April, 2009

lol, recalculation. I have 6868
Posted by RedEnchilada 7th April, 2009

Wait, nevermind. I just looked at how they're done now, and this makes sense.
Posted by aphant 7th April, 2009

It's hard to get excited, or even slightly interested, about this. The only item I can currently see worth spending points on is the VIP membership, but there's really nothing worth being VIP at the moment I think. Test new site features? Pass. Exclusive contests? Pass. Chat? Pass.
Posted by RedEnchilada 7th April, 2009

Does the VIP thing include trying out the DC arcade?
Posted by Ski 7th April, 2009

Mr Negative. Somebody give him a trophy for being negative.
Posted by Dr. James MD 7th April, 2009

After 2 VIP purchases and a trophy hand out I have 9350
Posted by OMC 7th April, 2009

Hold on a second, 2 VIP purchases? O_o
Posted by RedEnchilada 7th April, 2009

Hey, I just had an idea.

I'm gonna give everyone who bought a VIP membership a trophy for buying their way into fame.
Posted by MrPineapple 7th April, 2009

well thats good news for me, as i didnt technically BUY mine! (win win)
Posted by RedEnchilada 7th April, 2009

Yeah, sure.
Posted by RedEnchilada 7th April, 2009

But on an actually helpful note, the first icons you need to put for sale are "I'm an alien!" and "May Contain Nuts".

This has also got me interested in how many millions of projects will be started today.
Comment edited by RedEchidna on 4/7/2009
Posted by Poobical 7th April, 2009

Yay for point system. I only have 58 =(. Oh well.
Posted by Muz 7th April, 2009

It's cool that they're not TOO useful, though, otherwise people will be spamming for them. AndyUK has the most points
Posted by UrbanMonk 7th April, 2009

I think there aught to be new skins for the site at the store too, that would be neat.
Posted by RedEnchilada 7th April, 2009

Poobical, submit a demo download or something. They give you 100 points.
Posted by G. Hull 7th April, 2009

(BTW, I haven't read the posts, no time)Anyway, maybe you could have like avatars you can "Unlock" for like 5 points, just a thought.
Posted by Poobical 7th April, 2009

Im good for the moment. I rather not rush things when it comes to downloads. But I shall start reviewing and posting in the forums more often.
Posted by Ecstazy 7th April, 2009

Now TDC is like some facebook apps...
Posted by Mr G 7th April, 2009

I would definately like to have an "I'm an alien" tag for sure Suit my avatar just fine
Posted by UrbanMonk 7th April, 2009

unlockable avatars? no that wouldn't work, people would just copy them, now being able to use larger avatars might be an idea!
Posted by W3R3W00F 7th April, 2009

Yes! This is awesome! I also think a GOTW should have extra points aswell. right now I've got 1878 points and I've sent two trophees. n_n
Posted by Simon Czentnár 7th April, 2009

This is an amazing system!
Posted by Cecilectomy 7th April, 2009

i love how you can gift points as a method of payment to others. yay for our own awesome tdc economy.

not sure how the entire system is implemented but i noticed that a majority of my points are for posting replys in the forums. may i suggest a limit to how many posts per day get you a point? the only thing with the system i fear is the increase in new user spam. limits on things would help detract from that.
Posted by Jon C-B 7th April, 2009

Posted by Jon C-B 8th April, 2009

These points would be great if they could have been incorporated into TDC World but alas, it stopped...
Posted by Jason Orme 8th April, 2009

the DC arcade beta access would certainly give a reason for vip
Posted by Peblo 8th April, 2009

Worst april fools joke ever.
Posted by OFFINC/Aharms 8th April, 2009

neat idea
Posted by alastair john jack 8th April, 2009

You should get points for posting news!
Posted by Tomatokid 8th April, 2009

Hoorayz for the admins! This is awesome!!
Posted by Muz 8th April, 2009

Lol, I couldn't buy trophies for myself.
Posted by DaVince 8th April, 2009

Holy shit, this is awesome.

Funny how I'm in the Top Richest People list when I don't visit the site much anymore...
Posted by Mruqe 8th April, 2009

So... I was able to buy a VIP icon for myself. But there's no GOTW winner trophy in my profile. There should be one, as I won one in 2006. What gives?
Posted by Jon Lambert 9th April, 2009

I just remembered to say "Hey, Flava's back!"
Posted by Bjorn Goransson aka bornemix 9th April, 2009

I think the points from articles etc. could be regulated by ratings. Like 5 points for a comment, for example, which will rise/lower according to the ratings that comment will get.

Maybe will that solve the risk of people making rushed articles just for kicks - er, I mean, points?
Posted by MBK 10th April, 2009


Add character animations, backgrounds and other graphics to the Store. Also full graphic libraries would be nice.
Here's how it would work--->

1) If someone makes a character animation, background sprite or full graphic library and adds it to the store, they get DC points for their trouble. (Graphics get accepted if they are deemed worthy by an admin?)
2) If someone purchases one of the items that others have made, it costs them DC points.
3) For transaction between two individuals only and not just general public, there could also be a temporary storage area for the graphic file and when the individual purchasing it from the owner/creator accepts the deal, it gets transferred to them and deleted from the temporary storage area.

If this system would also exchange points when someone trys to cheat by using right click and save picture as on the item in the temporary holding area, that would make sure the deal is always fair and goes through and points exchanged properly, so no disputes will arise ... if that's not possible then I guess we're stuck with the honor system.

(The honor system is ok because most DC'ers are nice enough, but it only takes one bad egg to ruin it for everyone)

This would be a good way to get everyone to at least attempt to make graphics for others.
Thank you for considering the idea.

Comment edited by MBK on 4/10/2009
Posted by Marko 11th April, 2009

Great idea with the store and i'm sure in time it will evolve and get even better!


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