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Project Update: OMG! Zombies!
News posted 17th April, 2009 by Rikus  
Miss chloecakes and team are hard at work on Omg Zombies. Mrg has recently uploaded some pictures of the menu screens and they have a great comic book feel to them. For more pics and info please check out the project page.

Comments from miss chloecakes:The minute you step into the world of OMG! Zombies! you will be placed in a dangerous atmosphere of deadly deadliness. Is your goal to kill everything that moves? Is your task to run to saftey? Will you find out what fun Fruit Roll-upsŪ will they roll out with next? The answer is NO! In the backwards topsey turvy world of OMG! Zombies!, you are required to do one thing, and one thing only, SURVIVE.

Click here to go to the project page of OMG! Zombies!

Posted by Mr G 17th April, 2009

Thanks for the frontpage Rikus
Posted by steve 17th April, 2009

Nice artwork!

I think this project will turn out really well.

Posted by Muz 17th April, 2009

Haha, nice that you kept the name, rather than using Undead Closure
Posted by W3R3W00F 17th April, 2009

It's a classic.

Awesome project I say. Looks to be Click history from here!
Posted by Mr G 17th April, 2009

@Muz, it was chloe's choice
Posted by Chloe Sagal 17th April, 2009

front page again? GNARLY.
Posted by Mr G 17th April, 2009

Lol, it's a record I suppose (3 times in a row )
Posted by Marko 17th April, 2009

This game (and Dr. James's efforts obviously!) is the best looking project on TDC at the mo - looks fantastico!!!
Posted by W3R3W00F 17th April, 2009

Gotta agree with you on that- plus POOB, Gun Girl 2, Sensou, Peko falls, Coal, Splothes!, Karma, Atrox Online, TDC community project, eh... and all the others.
Posted by Ski 17th April, 2009

Project Rollercoaster and Turning the Tide are clearly the best.
Posted by Mr G 17th April, 2009

I really don't care which is the best, I just wanna see the outcome of this game only
Posted by OMC 17th April, 2009

Hmm, I wonder what this "Splothes!" one is.
Posted by Dr. James MD 17th April, 2009

Cheers Mark

And I can't wait for this game. I liked what I played fo sho!
Comment edited by Dr. James on 4/17/2009
Posted by Eight Bit Battle Cat 18th April, 2009

F*ck yeah Image
Comment edited by Rikus on 4/19/2009
Posted by Chloe Sagal 19th April, 2009

"Hmm, I wonder what this "Splothes!" one is. "

you mean you've never heard of the spotted sloth!?


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