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News posted 13th May, 2009 by Jon Lambert  
Looking to play a quick game of Asteroids? Want something more than two-color graphics? Well, this game will give you just that! It's gRAVTARDEROIDZZZZ by Rocketron! Blasting through space blowing psychedelic colors all over your screen... who doesn't want that? Let's see what Rocketron has to say:

Comments from Rocketron:The long anticipated sequel to rETARDEROIDZZZZZZ is finally here!!! gRAVTARDEROIDZZZZZZ puts a new spin on the old classic, the force of gravity has made an entrance and is taking it to the edge of insanity. A fast paced, action packed, old school space shooter with gravity and psychedelic visuals.

Click here to download gRAVTARDEROIDZZZZ!

Posted by weka 14th May, 2009

Huzzah, this was fun to play. Good post.
Posted by OFFINC/Aharms 14th May, 2009

I didn't know you could post games made with non-click systems... I guess there is no explicit rule anywhere about it... Does this mean I can post RPG maker games?!?!?
Posted by Muz 14th May, 2009

Lol, nobody said that you can't.


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