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Competition Deadline
News posted 16th May, 2009 by OMC  
Good evening everyone! W3R3W00F has requested that I share the signup deadline for the next-gen compo. It is imperative that you sign up for the compo before the deadline, May 19th, if you wish to participate.

The rules are simple. Take an old game you made a long time ago, and remake it! This is all review for some of you, but for others it could be the incentive they need to join in! Go check out the thread for updated rules, judging guidelines, and deadlines. This is shaping up to be a spiffy competition, with some fun-looking entries from all sorts of members.

The prizes are 500 DC Points to first place, 375 to second place, and 250 to third place, plus a spot on the front page in a congratulatory newspost! Join the compo!

Posted by Nuklear41 16th May, 2009

Posted by OMC 16th May, 2009

Why so sad?
Posted by Nuklear41 16th May, 2009

Lol, I just didn't do the contest.
Posted by W3R3W00F 16th May, 2009

Thanks, OMC! I've decided I myself will not be a judge because I just don't have the heart to upset anyone myself.
Posted by weka 16th May, 2009

Looks fun. Should be a good competition since by now the people who remake their old games should have learned a trick or two.
Posted by Ecstazy 16th May, 2009

The DEADline is on my BIRTHday.
Posted by OMC 16th May, 2009

Posted by Tropik 16th May, 2009

Happy Future Brithday
Posted by W3R3W00F 16th May, 2009

Happy future birthday! lol
Posted by MBK 21st May, 2009

Where are those Admins at? .. they slouching already?

It's the 20th now, you might want to think about deleting this off the front page.



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