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New Game: Super Avoider
News posted 18th May, 2009 by Rikus  
Now here is a fun addictive game that you keep wanting to play over and over!! Mono brings you Super Avoider were the aim is to avoid your enemies for as long as you can. Sounds like a easy mission for us experienced gameplayers right? Well it soon turns into mayhem and lots of fun as you try to be the ultimate Super Avoider!

Comments from Mono Super Avoider is a very simple but no less addictive little game. The objective is simple, avoid the enemies for as long as you can. The game includes three different modes, Static, Simple and Super. In Super mode there are three different kinds of enemies, two you will recognize from the two other modes and the third will stop to shoot at you every now and then. You can also collect stars for 500 bonus points each, they are vital in getting that top score. Did I mention there is an online highscore board?

Click here to go to the download page for Super Avoider

Posted by Ski 18th May, 2009

Reasonable presentation but Ive seen the exact same concept done twice already. Once by Johan Hargne on Crobasoft and by Dynamite more recently, and I'm pretty sure it will have been done several times before those, too.
Comment edited by -Adam- on 5/18/2009
Posted by Rikus 18th May, 2009

Does it really matter if the concept was done before?
Posted by Rob Rule 18th May, 2009

If I see one more platformer on TDC feature jumping there will be trouble.
Posted by Dr. James MD 18th May, 2009

I'll join you in the promise of trouble, Robert
Posted by Ski 18th May, 2009

Does it really matter if the concept was done before?

Not really, but it's nothing worth making the front page about. I remember when games that made the front page had to be special to get a mentioning. Now it seems like any old crap just gets flung on it.

You're so desperate to make TDC popular that you're making mistakes along the way, Rikus.
Posted by Rikus 18th May, 2009

Wow Adam, I think you are digging a hole here. I would hardly call this game crap, and IS worth a front page mention, did you even play the game? I do not think so. However for a real opinion on someone that actually has played the game please see my review. And if you are referring for our very first download to be still online that alone is worth a mention. I think you are just really getting annoyed that this site is doing so well, and I really do not see why except for jealousy perhaps.
Posted by Ski 18th May, 2009

Nothing to do with how "well" the site is doing. It's to do with how you grab at everything and only talk to people when you want something.

"Here have a warning because James is a cry baby"

"Oh hi, I need some graphics Image"

And yes, this is your site, you're in charge and all that, but it's by no means a community site, and that's what pisses me off.

You make all the decisions (and yes, this is focused mainly on the new admin decisions) I think it would have been nice for the rest of TDC's members to see who could have been admin, for them to decide who they want to be in charge of the place they're so fond of.

To add insult to injury I work hard trying to run my own community site and with RickyG, release our own video show... literally minutes later, on the night it's released, you want it to be part of klikcast.

Why should we do you that favour when you've never even posted at Gamebuilder? Heck, you probably don't even have a membership.

Like I say it's all take take take with you, sometimes you don't seem to consider your members, just how popular or big your site will be.
Comment edited by -Adam- on 5/18/2009
Posted by Rob Rule 18th May, 2009

I'm sure Adam's concerns are from noble intentions (...), but I'm of the personal opinion that the more peoples' work we can show off, the better. 'Special' is far too subjective and I like the idea that someone can make a short, snappy game that didn't steal months of their life and still receive a bit of attention for their kliking - which could well inspire them to continue and make bigger and better things.
Posted by Ski 18th May, 2009

You've not been around very long, Rouel. There was a time when TDC had a much warmer feeling, when the front page was updated with decent content once or twice every couple of days, and GOTW winners deserved to win because they had spent months on their games and not hours, and people felt rewarded to see their game on the front page.
Posted by Rikus 18th May, 2009

Take take take? Lol. Oh Adam. Oh and the gamebuilder show, (why put that into the topic anyway) I know how much work it is to put together stuff like that and to keep the show going I offered it to be part of klikcast just for it to continue on and not fall into dust, seen it before, like so many things do and fade away. I think you are forgetting you are still pretty new around here, as per the admins, I know perfectly what I was doing in not making a poll -yawn already told you this before- since a group of friends tend to vote for one of there own.

The decision was made on the application of the individual and on what people were saying who would make a good admin.

Also the admins are getting very tired of your negative comments around the site. If you have a problem with us why dont you get out of here and post on gamebuilder for a couple of days?

Ps. And all of this because of the pretty decent Super Avoider that deserves to be here.
Comment edited by Rikus on 5/18/2009
Posted by Ski 18th May, 2009

Ive been here since 2003. How is that pretty new?
Posted by Rob Rule 18th May, 2009

Adam, the reality is, despite your efforts, the vast, vast majority of TDC's members have been really supportive and welcoming of the new admins, and have come to it with an open mind. It's a great place and you're not going to change that. You waste such an amazing amount of your time and energy with these attempts to cause petty disputes I can never bring myself to get annoyed at you, and in the end I just hope you work out your cynical attitude for your own sake. If you just try to tear people down all the time you'll never get any higher yourself.

If you believe TDC is going to fail, let it fail. You have control over GameBuilder, show us how it's done and let TDC commit suicide whilst GB rockets to fame and fortune. My money's on TDC not going anywhere and your repetitive comments being water off a duck's back.

I also don't think many people are going to fall for your idea that Rikus is some uncaring fameseeker. Honestly, what a waste of time. Pitiful behaviour.
Posted by Rikus 18th May, 2009

For My Part I think Adam is a great Graphic Artist and accomplished game developer that is always more then willing to help people out. For my money I bet he will go out and work for a big huge game company one day I am sure of that. It is just a shame he has a different side that likes to start these comments up anywhere (and not just directed to me) until he gets the right response and watch them evolve. Once he gets over that there is no stopping what he can accomplish.

Comment edited by Rikus on 5/18/2009
Posted by Ski 18th May, 2009

Does it not tell you anything that my "different" side only shows on this site?
Posted by Rikus 18th May, 2009

You just like the entire soap opera Adam that evolves from the comments you try to inflict to someone if you happen to disagree on a subject.
Posted by Ski 18th May, 2009

It's more of a comedy with you in it, Rikus
Posted by Ricky 18th May, 2009

-The end
Posted by W3R3W00F 18th May, 2009

Frequent updates on newsposts, regardless of the quality, always makes me excited just like when I see Tormishire, Poob, Turning the Tide, OMG! Zombies! have been updated.

IMO I think frequent newsposts are great! I just tend to get excited about newsposts, I guess.
Posted by Hayo 18th May, 2009

Well, let me write something long here. I just got back from a funeral, will see another funeral in a few days and saw how they locked up my mum in an asylum today. Now I went to The Daily Click to get away from worry and grief a bit. And see all this stuff.

Now I know running a community site like this takes a lot of work. I've been an Admin on two click sites in the past (Iklik-it in 2001 and 2002, Klik Academy after that till it died). You get a lot of little bitches with ugly avatars who bitch about admins when they are not fighting each other to death. You get people who keep wanting more coverage and less rules. Stuff like that. The other side is that in the time i've been around here, which is from the near-beginning with 2 big pissed-off breaks somewhere in the middle, most admins here were unable to take any criticism at all. I used to waste my time being very pissed off about things, having discussions with dudes like Shadowcaster, or make threads about the thumb down being wank or the frontpage coverage being retarded, and I always ran into a stone wall. Meanwhile I was not allowed to diss people like Adam when they pissed me off. Now I am convinced that TDC will always be TDC. A messy, ugly community site where you only get a lot of attention when you cause a big fucking stir, not when you try to make good games and get better at it using the feedback people give you. Just bad luck this is the only surviving click community site. If there had been an alternative I would have been gone years ago. Which earns me the gumpy old man status.

That said, I can understand Adams frustrations with this site. Half of the things he said are things I didn't have the balls for saying. I don't agree with the way he brings them, he is the biggest bitch in the whole wide click world, but you can't deny the fact that he has a point most of the time. All he really got for it was "nobody else cares", "drop the attitude" or "this is a warning". Which will probably make his next post even bitchier.

Posted by Ski 18th May, 2009

I dont mind being called a bitch, it's only natural to do so. TDC is made of 95% bitching.
Comment edited by -Adam- on 5/18/2009
Posted by OMC 18th May, 2009

Sorry about your mum, Hayo.
Posted by Rikus 18th May, 2009

Actually I have seen people like Solgryn, Zoglu, philip, werewoof, omc, and so many others come out in the past year or so and really be popular not because they "biatch" but because they make cool fun games or help people out and think of ways to help the site or other members out. It is not bad luck TDC survived it is perseverance, commitemend and have some rules to keep the site going in a certain direction. Some people dislike the site for it but most people really enjoy this site and the content it brings. Even in the past 2 years the site really has got a kick-start with all the new . The site keeps evolving but complaining about things that happened in the past or the once a month dramatic -enter any name here- moment that is bound to happen in any community site should not prevent anyone from enjoying the site. With so many different people from so many different backgrounds and age groups not everyone will see eye to eye with everything so stuff will happen things will get scary when it is to quiet (as anyone in a relationship will be able to tell ya The tdc will keep growing it has a great base it started from and all the admins currently have no problems with taking comments to improve the site or certain features. Again just look at all the great people currently in the community and all the very cool games and projects that are going on, check them out download them, its fun.
Posted by weka 18th May, 2009

Wow. The concept, while still topsy, is addictive!
Posted by Hayo 18th May, 2009

I see my comment didn't quite land. But that's ok.
Posted by Liquixcat 18th May, 2009

How so I dislike to distract from a game I'm sure deserves such mentions although this be the forum of which discussion is placed and so be it for me to continue on within context.

I've not asked much and I've been around a long time, although I need to ask a favour... not outright but hopefully consideration is taken within the point I make.

Rikus, what did you expect? Who is Robert Rule?
I've seen a side of Robert Rule that no front page mention or perpetual hype has, and so far I've not seen a nice person.

If Robert has any contribution to such allegation I'd surely love to hear it as his command of English is surely at par within point.

I'm not entirely on anyone's side, just what I see. You can take any association to Adam with me you'd like (and surely you'll all find one), but Adam does have a point albeit not as carefully executed as most would have done it.
Posted by Codemonkey 18th May, 2009

Posted by Cecilectomy 18th May, 2009

can we just make a new forum to absorb all the negative stuff that is innevitable. the angry forum. a place where you can go to be angry without disrupting anyone else while still getting it out of your system. i get like adam does sometimes. you all know it. it really is hard to just let things go.
Posted by Dr. James MD 18th May, 2009

I sorta had an idea how this would pan out from seeing how many comments this had.

It's getting to a Phizzy level of disruption now which I find quite ironic.
Posted by Marko 18th May, 2009

I like the idea of the angry forum, actually a really good idea and be extra strict if people do not stick to it. That includes adam's rants and criticism aimed at unpopular admin choices, which should all stay in the 'Angry Forum'. Good idea (i'm serious!!)

Anyway, what is your problem adam, why do you say everything you think? If you seriously mean the points you make, why not offer suggestions on improvements, in private to the posting admin, rather than just point out negatives (that are, as the majority of positive posts has proven, in the minority)? You'll get more success this way, for sure, especially as far as i can tell your success rate at getting your own ideas accross on TDC is about zero-percent!

And quit running the site down and try adding something positive to it - your moaning sounds like you're the type of guy who moans about who's in government yet never bothers to vote because "what's the point, it'll make no difference!". Do you not even realise your unpopular comments are even putting people off joining your own community? Coz i've been put off and i'm sure i'm not alone!

Also, sorry to hear about your woes Hayo, i'm sure you'll bounce back on the up again soon. And also again, good game on the front page news post and good choice in admins, Rikus!
Posted by Liquixcat 18th May, 2009

Yes an angry forum. All problems, even legitimate ones, can be ignored.
Posted by Marko 18th May, 2009

Also, forgot to add, why should the choice in admin be one for the likes of us to make anyway? Are we on an interview panel or something?? Rikus is right, we'd all go picking the people we know best or like most so what would be the point? You don't go for a job interview and have your appplication viewed by every employee! OMC was a popular choice and he got to be an admin, so what is the problem having Robert too, he's not an admin instead of anyone else, is he?

Not anyone deserving of it, anyways...
Posted by Ski 18th May, 2009

"Anyway, what is your problem adam, why do you say everything you think?"

Because I can't be a 28 year old carebear like yourself "OMG THIS IS AMAZING " to EVERYTHING. Ill say what I feel, Ill vent my frustration if something annoys me, if you don't like it, ignore it.
Posted by Marko 18th May, 2009

Why don't you just ignore comments/posts then? Good comeback by the way, check out my rating - it's in your honour
Comment edited by Mark Radon on 5/18/2009
Posted by Ski 18th May, 2009

It's a perfectly valid post. You are overly positive about everything, you should council suicidal people.
Posted by Marko 18th May, 2009

Nope, it's all about positive and negative feedback, telling people what you think and how they could improve without being critical. Criticism is aimed at and is harsh on the person, not the task they've performed. Negative feedback is only harsh on the task, not the person, and with every negative feedback i give (and i always do it in private so as not to cause embarassment, except with you since you insist on slanging matches on open forums) i offer suggestions on improvements or better still, ask the other person how they think they can improve it. It's what i do for a living as a manager, i do it every day. You'll notice even with the messages i've aimed at you i've offered suggestions on how you could do things better, though you never take them up.

You obviously don't want to be reasonable with people you don't like or you just don't care. You get more out of people when you treat them decent rather than ridiculing them or picking at them. If i'm wrong adam, tell me what i could do to improve!
Posted by Mkingy 19th May, 2009

I don't know if this is intentional, but at least advertising the more average games increases the chance of all the games listed in GOTM will have been played at least once. Otherwise average games on the front page is kinda defeating the object of the daily spotlight no?
Posted by Rob Rule 19th May, 2009

Sorry to hear that, Liquixcat. I'm not really sure what the allegation is, really, so I'm not sure I can respond to it fairly. I'd defend myself against the idea of having a 'not nice' side, and would say I've taken Adam's constant baiting here and abuse on Gwerdy chat in good humour.
Posted by Liquixcat 19th May, 2009

Mail sent, now you know.

Mark Radon stop forcing you're oblivious opinions on this conversation.

Rikus you need to deal with this situation, we all know Robert is in no position to do so. And as I said, take it into perspective/consideration on both parties (this is not entirely one person or the other).
Posted by Rikus 19th May, 2009

I think everything was said that needed to be said really.
Posted by maVado 19th May, 2009

5816 yeah, nice little game. Go for mobile
Posted by Muz 19th May, 2009

Heh, I saw 20 comments on a fairly unknown game and I expected drama. I was right

Nothing wrong with a game that's been done before. Heck, most games have been done one way or another several times, a lot of early klik games were the same thing.

Posted by OFFINC/Aharms 19th May, 2009

The drama is kinda fun ... I am glad we have Adam to stir thing up a bit and offer a dissenting opinion even though he can sometimes be inappropriate, and not constructive.

I didn't play the game but I don't see why it shouldn't be on the front page. I joined the site in 2002 and dropped out of the scene for some years, and coming back I noticed many less submissions but an increase in the quality of the submissions. So it is natural that the percent of submissions that end up on the front page is higher. I think the site is going great, and am glad to see it more active as of late!
Posted by steve 19th May, 2009

Adam has a valid point on this.

A game that make front page should be very, very good.

"gRAVTARDEROIDZZZZ" made front page just a few days ago (which is CLEARLY a joke game - I raised this issue before in the forums.)

And now a game where you avoid blobs? I've seen this kind of thing done a thousand times - it's a crap concept and if my memory serves me right, the basic engine was used in a games factory tutorial?

It's not front-page worthy and this kind of thing lowers the tone of the entire site. It's all a bit embarressing really (along with the in-fighting)

Just my opinion of course
Comment edited by steve on 5/19/2009
Posted by Hayo 19th May, 2009

Click will never grow up to play with the big boys.
Posted by alastair john jack 19th May, 2009

"A game that make front page should be very, very good."

So there will only be news once every couple of months then? I think that's crap.
This game is perfectly fine to be on the front page, it's a game and its fun.

Posted by OMC 19th May, 2009

You're all putting too much value on a front page post. If a game doesn't look fun to you, just don't play it. All of this brou-haha is nonsense. What the crap.
Posted by Muz 19th May, 2009

Lol, yes. There's a very fat line between very, very good and a "nice". Most games now are nice. If we left it to very, very good, there'd be no more front page stuff, except for stuff from outside the community.
Posted by steve 19th May, 2009

The only downside to quality control (that I can see) for front page games is that the GOOD games will be visible for longer and not pushed off the bottom by games that are made in 5 minutes.

I mean the engine for this can't have more than 3 lines of code, surely?

Blob: follow mouse. Enemy: preset bouncing ball.
Enemy blobs collide with Player blob = game over.

The integrity of this site and the community as a whole is compromised when stuff like this and "gRAVTARDEROIDZZZZ" is highlited and represented as the very BEST of what we do.

Anyway, just my view. I know other people here claim Super Avoider is "GREAT!"... just wish I had some of whatever they are smoking lol.
Posted by OMC 19th May, 2009

Some people complain there isn't enough front page news, and some people complain there's too much! Instead, everyone go make good games for us to post about, and we won't have a problem!
Posted by - Min - 19th May, 2009

@steve: Do you really think I used the preset bouncing ball movement for the enemies?
Posted by W3R3W00F 19th May, 2009

Dang, that game's music is catchy! lol
Posted by Asholay 19th May, 2009

It's almost as if some people have no choice... anything on the front page MUST be clicked on, downloaded, and played until you're sick of it!!

It's lucky I have a special immunity, whereby I click on things which look good instead of everything.

(and for the reference, this game is fun - I'm rocking the leader boards too... not every game has to be Gears of War 2, Halo 3 or GTA 4)
Posted by Tomatokid 19th May, 2009

"You're all putting too much value on a front page post. If a game doesn't look fun to you, just don't play it. All of this brou-haha is nonsense. What the crap."

Posted by Hayo 19th May, 2009

I agree with everything Steve said. I think it's Kona grass btw.
Posted by W3R3W00F 19th May, 2009

"You're all putting too much value on a front page post. If a game doesn't look fun to you, just don't play it. All of this brou-haha is nonsense. What the crap."

AMEN!! -_-
Posted by Marko 19th May, 2009

Surely you don't go complaining to newspaper printers for posting front page news you don't care about?? Some people like it, some don't. Next time it could be the other way round. I say don't worry about it, my life hasn't changed
Posted by Ski 20th May, 2009

This isnt a newspaper going out to an entire nation, it's a "community" website aimed at a specific audience for a specicific hobby/passion.
Posted by OMC 20th May, 2009

Does that change Mark's point? I get small newsletters dealing with another of my hobbies and sometimes I skip things I don't want to bother with reading. It's hardly the end of the world. Even if, muffins forbid, TDC were to go under, nobody would die. Everyone's really being overly dramatic about all of this! Needless stress.
Posted by Hayo 20th May, 2009

I would sure be pissed off at my newspaper if they kept putting bullshit on the front page.

It doesn't have a thing to do with "things you don't care about". It's things that should not be cared about in the first place that get great praise at the front page. It's not cool for people who actually put work in their games, it's not cool for people who come here to play good games and it's not cool for our reputation in the indie scene. We are not stressing about it, we are pointing it out. Without much success.
Posted by Muz 20th May, 2009

TDC's always been about motivating the newer guys. Getting your first decent game on the front page is good motivation. Even if it hurts when your future epic which you spend 3 years on receives only a slightly bigger applause, then followed by a string of "this is overrated" comments.

It's not really about the indie scene. If you wanted good indie games, heck theres dozens of indie blogs always promoting good games. TDC is about promoting our games. It's how it's always been, and how it'll remain. The "put everything new on the front page" has been around since my first day as admin 6 years back, it slacked a bit, people rioted for lack of news content and now it's back.
Posted by Hayo 20th May, 2009

Think I'll just swap newspapers, if you get what I mean.
Posted by Marko 20th May, 2009

Good point Muz
Posted by Rikus 21st May, 2009

Well Said Muz. Everyone has a different defination of a "good" game anyway, if we only put the games on the front page that people have been working on for years then well we would have maybe 1 update a month. And besides you can make some great games in a couple of weeks or a month (see some of the great submissions in the mini-compo) "Good, great" all subjective anyway, the more the better sometimes you find some real gems this way. Also I think some people are forgetting the uproar we had when the front page does not get updated. See here:

and here just to name a view

I think people are forgetting how much we have moved forward compared to only a couple of years ago. You can't make everyone happy that is just the way it is.


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