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New Game: Super Claire World Cockatiel Chaos & Hayo's TGF 2 Workshop!
News posted 27th May, 2009 by Rikus  
Here is a new game made by Justinc (creator of the classic "Neo: Swarm Of Smiths" that some of you might have missed! The game is called Super Claire World Cockatiel Chaos, and is a fun "Sonic Style" platformer. Check it out!

Comments from JustinC Claire has defeated Captain Kitty and his powerful mentor, Evil Ghost. However, now free from doing the bidding of Evil Ghost, Captain Kitty has put into action his master plan for world domination. . . . The Cat Star. From the Cat Star, Captain Kitty dispatches his army of top hat wearing turtle troops and other nefarious goons to Claire World.

Click here to go to the download page for Super Claire World!

Also in other news be sure to check out Hayo's TGF2 Highschool workshop forum topic, were he explains he is teaching TGF 2 to kids!

Posted by Rob Rule 27th May, 2009

The visuals certainly have a Sonic-like quality to them.
Posted by OMC 27th May, 2009

I played the game and it's actually pretty nice! It's got charm!
Posted by JustinC 27th May, 2009

Argh! I am so tired of DustinC stealing my games!!!
Posted by Rikus 27th May, 2009

Lol i dont know why i keep calling you dustin! Justin!
Posted by OMC 27th May, 2009



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