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New Game: Snatch, and New Website
News posted 27th May, 2009 by Jon Lambert  
The games keep on coming lately! And this one is for AndyUK's contest! There's obviously still interest in that fantastic idea! This particular game, called Snatch, is for the handheld console, and created by RedEchidna. It's a complicated game but well made! Let's see what the author has to say...

Comments from RedEchinda:You play as this weird ninja-monkey-thief-type-thing (It was originally a guy with a stupid tail, but Codemonkey had an avatar) that is stealing money from big corporations for... A gihugic pile of bananas? But yeah, steal some stuff for winnage. It's fun! Also, WEIRD 80'S STYLED CONTEST ALERT

Click here to download Snatch!

In addition, Kisguri has started up a new games website, The Game Crate, where you can upload indie games, hang out in the forums, and get special eBay auction access!

Click here to visit The Game Crate!

Posted by RedEnchilada 28th May, 2009

Holy carp, I got a front page!
Posted by Cecilectomy 28th May, 2009

can we please filter these museum games? it makes it that much more annoying to identify ACTUAL new games.

gratz on making it through RedEchidna. if it wasnt on the front page i wouldnt have seen it.
Posted by Rikus 28th May, 2009

See the original museum news post, it is in the works, bare with us as we whipe off the dust
Posted by Cecilectomy 28th May, 2009

i read it when it was posted. cant we hold back on the museum game entries until its implemented? we dont need them RIGHT now.
Posted by Rikus 28th May, 2009

We already stoped posting i believe it was 2 days ago, your wish is our command!
Posted by Marko 28th May, 2009

i love snatch!


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