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New Project Update: Final Legacy
News posted 30th May, 2009 by Rikus  
Speaking of cool new projects Sire is working on a new game called Final Legacy! According to "Sire" The game has a "Castlevania" feel to it, and that is always a good thing!

Comments from Sire Hi everyone ! I'm starting the report of my RMXP game on MMF2. The project has already reached 2 years of its creation and therefore most of the game design is completed. I'm glad to have new members in the team. A (good) composist : He'll make battle musics. A (good) pixel artist : He'll do sprites for the game (He's starting with the weapons and a stickman to test the battle engine.).

Click here to go to the project page for Final Legacy

PS This upcoming Sunday marks the end for the month of May. And that means the GOTM voting will open up for May! If you have a game about to released and you want it to go up with all the games for May be sure to submit it before Sunday. Good Luck to everyone, remember 3 cups and lots of DC-Points are ready to be won!!

Posted by Shiru 30th May, 2009

Thanks a lot for this news. It has also a Devil May Cry feeling (you'll se with a little demo from the battle engine when it's finished).

It's a little strange to say "New game", but I can understand (report).

Btw, the screen is a fake (ressources from Castlevania GBA & DS series) but the HUD is done by my hand (thanks photoshop lol).

I'll give more informations about the project today .
Posted by steve 30th May, 2009

ah, I thought it was SOTN when I first glanced at the screenshot
Posted by Shiru 30th May, 2009

Yes and no, Alucard is in Dawn of Sorrow (DS) and Richter in Portrait of Ruin (DS). So this Alucard is a little better.

By the way, I've updated my project presentation.


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