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New Game: Poke & Gravy Party
News posted 1st June, 2002 by Rikus  

Joint he weirdest party ever with Poke & Gravy Party. You will never be the same again after playing this game. Comments from the Author: This is Poke & Gravy Party, now bug-free, and we worked long and hard to make sure that it was worth the wait. Grab a friend or anyone off the street and battle yourselves through 10 addictive games, in any order as many times as you want! There's a shooting game on the moon, a scooter racing game, even a match on a live minefield! Click here to download the game and read the reviews

Posted by Georgie 1st June, 2002

Oh I saw that, but at the end what does the BALLOON thing say?
Posted by Poke & Gravy 1st June, 2002

it just says who wins, Poke Wins or Gravy Wins
Posted by Ashman 28th June, 2002

I played that and I was Gravy. Lets just say I was goddamn sick of hearing "POKE WINS" lol


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