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Faerie Solitaire Featured
News posted 8th June, 2009 by OMC  
Subsoap (such an awesome group name) brought us Faerie Solitaire, a fun card game with excellent visuals. Well, now the game is featured on the casual gaming news site Jayisgames!

Marcus (a reviewer for Jayisgames) says: "Faerie Solitaire is an excellent take on an old card game. It runs smoothly, the difficulty ramps up nice and gradually, and it's addictive enough to keep you coming back for more. You might be able to ignore the story, but you won't be able to ignore how much fun you'll have while you're playing."

Woot for Assault Andy and Pkeod! (And whoever else was involved in the development of the game.)

Click here to read the review of Faerie Solitaire.

Posted by Rob Rule 8th June, 2009

Amazing! I surfed over to jayis myself earlier today and was just typing up this VERY news post. O_O Glad I refreshed the home page before submitting.

It's a slickly presented game, that's for sure. I half wish I liked Solitaire, just so I could enjoy this game (not just appreciate its workmanship).

Posted by OMC 8th June, 2009

Ah, sorry about that Rob. We really need that one... feature... I suggested.
Posted by W3R3W00F 8th June, 2009

Congrats, Andy and Pkeod! Certainly one of the best Klik games I've ever experienced.
Posted by Assault Andy 9th June, 2009

Thanks for the post and the interest in our game.

Hopefully there will be even more news to come


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