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Now BigFishGames and SpinTop Games!
News posted 10th June, 2009 by OMC  
Crazy! Now Faerie Solitaire has been released on one of the biggest casual game websites out there, BigFishGames and also on SpinTop Games!

A big round of applause for Assault Andy and Pkeod. What's next, a game magazine CD? Perhaps world domination? We wish you the best of sales, guys!

Now, everyone else should make awesome spiffysomes worthy of selling so we can post about them too! We need to put our skills to work and show people what we can do with MMF2! (And make some moolah in the process, mayhaps.)

Ogle at the release page at BigFishGames
Ogle at the SpinTop Games release page.

Posted by The Chris Street 10th June, 2009

Please don't take this the wrong way but you're dedicating a lot of front page news to Faerie Solitaire and its appearances on big websites - but this is nothing new, it's been happening for other klikkers for years.

What about all the other decent klik games that have been released recently, they don't get this kind of exposure
Posted by Muz 10th June, 2009

They weren't made by active TDC members
Posted by The Chris Street 10th June, 2009

Not really the point Faerie Solitaire is definitely a polished game but its starting to get annoying seeing "it's appeared on another website" as a news post.
Posted by W3R3W00F 10th June, 2009

You guys are too awesome. Congrats to both of you for getting so far.
Posted by nim 10th June, 2009

First, congratulations!

Also, I don't mind this being on the front page. Other games have been mentioned there too for being in print magazines, etc. What we really want to know are the sales stats!.. but that's probably not going to happen
Posted by OMC 10th June, 2009

I knew this would pop up. I wasn't a newsposter when other games got onto big game websites. I think it deserved the extra mention, and I would be glad to give as much attention to future games that make it so far.
Comment edited by OldManClayton on 6/10/2009
Posted by Asholay 10th June, 2009

Congratulations on the success guys... I hope this generates some hard earned for you.

Thanks to the admins for posting and drawing attention to the success of this - it will surely drive other clickers to keep going with projects, knowing that there is an audience out there.
Posted by Ski 10th June, 2009

"Faerie Solitaire is definitely a polished game but its starting to get annoying seeing "it's appeared on another website" as a news post."

I was going to mention that too, but decided not to incase I was flamed for it.
Posted by OMC 10th June, 2009

Fear not, old bean! It is a valid point.
Posted by Dr. James MD 10th June, 2009

Everything else aside, it looks like rude things could be happening to that there faerie.
Posted by Kisguri 10th June, 2009

she is just sad that people are arguing about the posts people are posting about being posted on The Daily Click about being posted on Bigfishgames, no wait, what did I say?
Posted by Marko 10th June, 2009

Congratulations Assault Andy and Pkeod
Posted by Jess Bowers 10th June, 2009

Congratulations, guys. I think its encouraging to see Click games appearing on more mainstream websites. I am soley a hobbyist ... but I do like to see folks take this one step further. Adds some legitimacy to it all...
Posted by Johnny Look 10th June, 2009

Don't get me wrong but I'd rather prefer this sort of news than no news at all.

and congrats on assault indy and pkeod
Posted by Marko 10th June, 2009

Ditto to both of the above, IMO
Posted by [DELETED] 10th June, 2009

The more news posted, the better I think
Posted by SoftWarewolf 10th June, 2009

i think this is pretty big news
now your rich!

wish i had Brian to create my graphics..
*imagining Frog Bound with this kind of graphic*
Posted by AndyUK 10th June, 2009

Argument? What argument?

It's not even a heated discussion. It's just like two comments.
Posted by Assault Andy 11th June, 2009

Thanks you for the news post! I understand that the game has had a fair bit of attention on this site, but as others have said I hope that it fuels clickers to do great things.

If I could have one news post about Faerie Solitaire I would love it to be this one. Getting our game on Big Fish Games is a milestone for us.

Thanks again for the support everyone!
Posted by danjo 11th June, 2009

this is not like it hasnt happened many times before. its just the new people arriving dont know otherwise.
Posted by OMC 11th June, 2009

As I said, I knew this happened, I was not a newsposter at the time.
Posted by Muz 11th June, 2009

"Faerie Solitaire is definitely a polished game but its starting to get annoying seeing "it's appeared on another website" as a news post."

Well, yeah, it's good inspiration. There's only one TDC game a year that gets on a big site. It seems like people are much more against it when it's pay to play.

That guy steve made some sweet games that made it on BFG constantly, a bit sad how that was treated by TDC, especially since he somewhat started off from TDC.

But yeah, congrats, I'd like to see more TDC members getting a mention on major sites.
Posted by Liquixcat 11th June, 2009

I hope Andy gets a lot more attention. He's a cool dude and deserves the extra advertisement. I hope he makes millions! MWAHAHA... If only to make more games.
Posted by danjo 11th June, 2009

if you ventured away from TDC muz, youd notice games are being made all over the place. even klik ones.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 12th June, 2009

I'm not sure my copy of solitaire needs any fairies
Posted by Muz 12th June, 2009

danjo: I'm sure people are making games. But what do games away from TDC have to do with anything here? I front paged a few of them, though only once as it's sometimes hard enough to get their consent. Once they put it on TDC, I see nothing wrong with cheering them on, especially when they're taking their first step out of amateur gaming into indie
Posted by bigredron 16th June, 2009

Well done guys! I hope others learn that it is possible to make a successful game by sticking to simple ideas and genres.


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