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News posted 13th June, 2009 by Rikus  
Well its was a close fight between OMC's and Hayo's Avatar but more people voted for Hayo's Avatar in the end! A well deserved winner with lots of detailing and excellent sprite work in one single avatar.

Well done sir, your points are on their way!

Click here to see all the Avatars entries for this year!

Posted by chrilley 13th June, 2009

Congrats Hayo!
Posted by OMC 13th June, 2009

Well deserved!
Posted by AndyUK 13th June, 2009

Hayo's avatars usually stand out as great little works of (pixel) art.
Posted by -Nick- 13th June, 2009

He had my vote
Posted by nim 13th June, 2009

I voted for Mr Pineapple
Posted by W3R3W00F 13th June, 2009

Congrats Hayo!
Posted by Hayo 13th June, 2009

Congrats to OMC (I voted for him)
Posted by Carlguy (HTL) 13th June, 2009

aw heck I wish I made my new avatar sooner
Posted by Ski 13th June, 2009

Oh wow, the right winner totally won. Welldone Hayo
Posted by MrPineapple 13th June, 2009

yeah i voted for him too!
Posted by -MacAdaM- 13th June, 2009

I voted for WEREWOOF, I like zelda :3
Hayo or OMC would have been my second vote though. Haha.
Posted by W3R3W00F 13th June, 2009

Thanks! I feel special now.
Posted by Assault Andy 14th June, 2009

Posted by [DELETED] 14th June, 2009

I voted for Sketchy but Hayo's avatar is excellent as well, great pixel art
Posted by Muz 14th June, 2009

Congrats! I voted for me Hayo!
Posted by Marko 14th June, 2009

hahaha Muz - congratulations Hayo.
Posted by MasterM 15th June, 2009

ah shit i really would have loved to enter this but kinda missed it
Posted by Hayo 15th June, 2009

You would have won.
Posted by Hayo 16th June, 2009

Hey, I never got my points.


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