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TDC Skin Compo 2009 Winners!
News posted 14th June, 2009 by Rikus  
Does anyone remember the skin compo we had back in January? Well we only received 2 submissions so I think it is time to declare them both a winner. Spitznalg for his very cool redfox skin and Zezard for his great Green Skin. 2000 DC points are heading your way!

I highly suggest for everyone to check out the Skins page and have a look at these 2 great new skins. Also worth noting is that a while back we added a skin made by Boothman called the Generic skin. Also well worth checking out!

Click here to check out all the skins!

Posted by Cecilectomy 14th June, 2009

SpitznalgZezard? are you mashing two users into one?

also. once again someone managed to make 'The Daily Click' logo look like 'the daily d**k'

for shame -_-
Comment edited by Scrap Collector Cecil on 6/14/2009
Posted by Rikus 14th June, 2009

Posted by Zezard 14th June, 2009

Wooo, thanks. That was quick!
Posted by UrbanMonk 14th June, 2009

nice skins
Posted by Spitznagl 14th June, 2009

I didn't know the "don't forget to donate" image would be in every forum posts
Posted by OMC 14th June, 2009

Good job guys!
Posted by W3R3W00F 14th June, 2009

Wow, I totally forgot to do mine.

Anyways, congrats Sקɪтzпαɢʟ and Zezard!
Posted by phanto 14th June, 2009

I'm using "generic". Gz whoever won ^^
Posted by Marko 14th June, 2009

all very nice, using generic at the mo but will use the others too soon.
Posted by Ski 14th June, 2009

Ill be sticking with Tim's navy theme
Posted by OMC 14th June, 2009

That's the one I use too!
Posted by [DELETED] 14th June, 2009

I didn't know about this, but next time I think I will make a skin
Posted by Cecilectomy 15th June, 2009

boothmans slate theme for me
Posted by Ski 15th June, 2009

You're so manly, Cecil
Posted by OMC 15th June, 2009

Still says Spitznalg.
Posted by Muz 16th June, 2009

Yeah, I'm sticking with the SilverNova skins. They're easiest on the eyes.


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