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New Game: Frog Bound
News posted 23rd June, 2009 by Jon Lambert  
It's a game many of you have been anticipating since SoftWarewolf first previewed it on the fourms in the end of May. Frog Bound is now finally out, and it looks like a good game to spend some time on! Hopping your way through danger hasn't been this fun since Frogger!

Comments from SoftWarewolf: Jump through explosive traps in this action filled mind boggling game. Fully featured level editor lets you create your own challenges. This is a shareware game, about 1\3 of the game is available in the demo and you may play it for as long as you like. The editor is included and may be used, but you need the full version to play the levels you create.

Click here to download Frog Bound!

And until July 10th, SoftWarewolf is accepting donations of any amount for a copy of the full game! Come on people, help a kliker out! You'll get tons of fun in exchange!

Posted by Johnny Look 24th June, 2009

cool I loved frogger, gotta check this out.


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