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New Project: Project:Reversal
News posted 28th June, 2009 by Jon Lambert  
Planet of Oddballs may have been put on hold but Poobical is still working hard to bring the internet a great new game! It's Project:Reversal, a story of time travel, other dimensions, and war! He's got a new graphical style going and it's very appealing, and of course it includes a medley of features to keep everyone happy, so head on over and check it out!

Comments from Poobical: Set in Fairy Tales and Méllon. Prince Ouranos in Fairy Tales uncovers a portal that allows for people to time travel and hop into other dimensions. Being the "brave" Prince he is, he gets teleported to a place called Méllon which happens to be half way through the Great War Of Mechanical Mayhem. Trying to get back to his own world, he accidentally teleports a group of Mechanical Rebels. The Rebels, after seeing that this new place is a easy target, sets up a base and then destroys the peaceful world Fairy Tales for resources so they can set up an army of their own to win the war in Méllon.

Click here to view Project:Reversal!

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