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News posted 29th June, 2009 by Rikus  
Another month filled with cool games! June you have been nice to us. I have included Commercial Demos in this Poll. It would be unfair to the people who buy these full versions not be able to vote for their favourite games. (queue discussion)

Just another reminder " There are now 3 trophees to be won. The person with the most votes will receive a brand new Golden GOTM trophee and 2500 Dc points will be added to their profile. The person with the second most votes will win a Silver Trophee and 1000 dc points (woot) and finally the person with the third most votes will win the brand new Bronze Trophee and 500 spiffy dc points.

Voting will last until next monday and the winner will be announced shortly after. Good Luck to all, and thank you for submitting all of these games! We love to create and to play games!

Click here to go to the download page ---> Also let us know what game you voted for and why!

Posted by OMC 29th June, 2009

Slipped Blobomb in just in time, didn't ya Solgryn?
Posted by Ricky 29th June, 2009

That makes sense, including commercial demos since you'll never be able to get the full version here.
Comment edited by Ricky on 6/29/2009
Posted by Cecilectomy 30th June, 2009

im not diggin the new gotm. i find myself not voting at all since theres too many fricken games. i know i have a whole month but i just dont seem to care anymore.
Posted by OMC 30th June, 2009

I haven't voted for any GOTM's either. I miss GOTW.
Posted by MBK 30th June, 2009

Hate to say it, but I too miss GOTW ... but I'm sure that GOTM must be a little easier on all you admins since you don't have to do a poll but once a month.
Of course, there are like 10 of you now or something (5 maybe?) ..

I haven't even played a single one of this months choices. I'm still trying to unlock all the characters on that stupid zombie game. I hate that I have to play back through the stupid thing over and over just so I can see the different character styles, but I'm almost there, got like 2 more to go. So far I like the sorceress girl best. The guy in red with the sword and gun has the most fun style of play though.

I think a GOTM-A and GOTM-B would be best, even though it doesn't sound as good title-wise.
Basically meaning that the first 2 weeks of a month should be set aside for GOTM-A, and the remaining days of that month should be set aside for GOTM-B.

This would keep too many games from appearing at once, and would also ensure that there are enough games to provide variety to vote between.
Just like the story goes, one bed is too soft, one is too hard, and finally, this one is just right.
One porridge is too hot, another too cold, but this porridge is the perfect temperature.
There is great wisdom in fairy tales if you are paying attention ... lol.

I'd like to see an EOTM (engine of the month) implemented too really, (a month would be fine for engines since you see more games than engines).

To qualify as an engine and be eligible, it should be opensource. Afterall, if the engine can't be used to make a game by a person, then it isn't an engine at all to that person, now is it? If it's not opensource then it should be considered a demo (as in demonstration) and be either not voted upon or voted on within a new DOTM (demo of the month) category. (A and B if you want, or even weekly DOTW)

So in conclusion, GOTM-A and GOTM-B, DOTW (or whenever), EOTM.

Geez, I can't seem to keep my wordings short, everyone probably thinks I'm ranting or something, but I'm just suggesting some ideas. In fact, I should place this in the suggestion box.

Posted by markno2 30th June, 2009

Bring back the GOTW!!!!! It's The *Daily* Click, and the front page is being updated much more often, so why decrease how often awards are given out?
Posted by OMC 30th June, 2009

MBK you coulda just said:

"I think there should be two awards per month. Not too many games at once, but enough for variety.

I also think there should be an Engine of the week award for open-source engines."

Posted by Rikus 30th June, 2009

There has already been lots of discussion concerning gotw vs gotm and i disagree with folks
for the return of the gotw after discussing this before.

For an example to show you if gotw was still around this is what it would look like


Week 1 selection:

Faerie Solitaire Turning The Tide and Star chaser

Week 2 selection:

Death From Above and Bloodbath

Week 3 selection:

A Space Battle v2 and World of Abstractica

Week 4 selection:

Clueless, Wacko Plus! v 1.8, Black Ghost OPS 2.0, Edge The Game, Shlurfy GreatPaint,
Spirit Seeker 2009 [Next Gen Compo], shock, SmartKlik (Vitalize!) Frog Bound,
and Picross Mania (full version as freeware)

Now, week 1 we got 2 big releases, only 1 can win.

Week 2, the same only 2 games to pick from

Week 3, again only 2 games to pick from

Week 4, 9! games to choose from but only 1 can win.

Very, very uneven, and a bit of a luck of the draw what type of game or games you will have together.
With gotm you get 3 deserving winners every month and it just makes more sense and is more fair to the authors of the games out there.

Posted by OMC 30th June, 2009

I must be crazy because those polls sounded much better to me! Uneven maybe, but each had a game worthy of a GOTW trophy, to be sure!

And anyway, if one system causes people not to vote, doesn't that defeat the purpose of trying it?
Comment edited by OldManClayton on 6/30/2009
Posted by Codemonkey 30th June, 2009

Besides, if the number of games we get each week is "very, very uneven", wouldn't the number of games we get in a month be also?
Posted by Rikus 30th June, 2009

discussion continued in forum topic:
Posted by Solgryn 30th June, 2009

Lol looks like I submitted Blobomb just in time Rofl
Posted by Deathbringer 1st July, 2009

What i'd like to see myself is the winners mirrored on a secure server so they don't get deleted or lost to time. Some of the old GOTW's were supposedly about a lesbian vampire or something, and offended a load of prudes. They still won the award though, so i'd love to play them.
Oh well, guess it will have to be Manhunt 2 instead....
Posted by [DELETED] 2nd July, 2009

Lesbian vampires: an actual movie.
I agree with Deathbringer, GOTM's/GOTW's should be preserved in the Klik Museum.
Posted by Poobical 3rd July, 2009

"Lesbian vampires: an actual movie."
I had that idea in Film Studies years before the guy made it and oddly I met the director of Lesbian Vampire Killers and we had a right go at him for a) making it such a bad film and b) stealing our idea. Lol. He laughed and bought us a pint. ( We was doing a film festival thing, was quite fun!)
Posted by [DELETED] 3rd July, 2009



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