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GOTM JUNE Winners!
News posted 8th July, 2009 by Rikus  
Congrats to Assault Andy and his team for winning the third GOTM with Faerie Solitaire

Second prize goes to Blobomb by Solgryn

And third to Turning The Tide by Steve Harris.

Your points are on their way!

Posted by W3R3W00F 8th July, 2009

Congrats to all the winners!
Posted by OMC 8th July, 2009

Congratulations to all three of you and Pkeod and Hayo!

And whoever else I'm missing!
Comment edited by OldManClayton on 7/8/2009
Posted by Jon Lambert 8th July, 2009

Congratulations to everyone! Two commercial games in one GOTM! I'm typing this on my cell phone!
Posted by maVado 8th July, 2009

Gratz, three excellent games
Posted by Poobical 8th July, 2009

Congrats! ^__^
Posted by Dr. James MD 8th July, 2009

Nicely done bro(s)!
Posted by [DELETED] 8th July, 2009

Congratulations to all
Posted by Assault Andy 8th July, 2009

Yay! Congratulations to Solgryn and Steve Harris (and team) aswell!
Posted by Muz 8th July, 2009

The last minute GOTM entry won second place
Posted by Asholay 8th July, 2009

Well done chaps! Well deserved
Posted by alastair john jack 8th July, 2009

Ydna Tluassa yllaicepse dna, syug krow ecin.
Posted by Solgryn 8th July, 2009

Nice work guys, and especially Assault Andy.
Posted by s-m-r 8th July, 2009

Well done to all entrants, and a special congratulations to the winners! I hope to see more commercial efforts from Klikkers in the future.
Posted by Marko 8th July, 2009

Yeah great work everyone - 3 great games! Congratulations all round!
Posted by Jess Bowers 10th July, 2009

Fantastic job - all around! Definitely some difficult competition with the high quality of each of these games!


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