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Independent Games Festival 2010 now taking submissions!
News posted 9th July, 2009 by Jon Lambert  
Well folks, it looks like the time is already upon us to get to work on our greatest creations! What for? As of yesterday, the IGF has begun accepting submissions for the 2010 Independent Games Festival! All games for both the Main and Student categories are due by November 2009, with finalists being announced on January 4, 2010, and the winners being recognized on March 11, 2010. I know that you all want to win, don't you? This is your chance to be realized by the... internet! Get to work and get your submissions in! You can do it!

Click here for more information about the 12th annual Independent Games Festival!

Posted by Asholay 9th July, 2009

A share of $50,000 has got to be worth submitting a game for...!!
Posted by DMT 9th July, 2009

Yeah, I've been waiting for this!
Posted by Codemonkey 9th July, 2009

"Notable former IGF winners include Everyday Shooter, Audiosurf, World of Goo, Blueberry Garden, Darwinia, Castle Crashers, and many more."

Don't even bother.

Posted by Rob Rule 9th July, 2009

I've got my fingers crossed for 2011.
Posted by Marko 9th July, 2009

I'm going to re-release Tennis 2002, but with a more up-to-date suffix like, oooh i dunno, 2010. Then i'll enter it into this! I'm bound to win!
Posted by Rob Rule 9th July, 2009

Attach a storyline that charters the emotional journey of the ball and yeah, you'll probably walk it.
Comment edited by Rob Rule on 7/9/2009
Posted by Neuro 9th July, 2009

Dude March 11th is my birthday! maybe this is fate

I will win
Posted by Xhunterko 9th July, 2009

I'm just wondering if demos are allowed.
Posted by Fanotherpg 9th July, 2009

Maybe in next year with two projects...
Posted by Cecilectomy 9th July, 2009

"I'm just wondering if demos are allowed. "

im pretty sure almost every game entered into the igf is a WIP. they judge you on concept and execution n such based on what you already have accomplished on the game. some (not very many) never even see the light of day. most dont get released till a good time after igf. because they arent finished.
Posted by Poobical 9th July, 2009

Have no hope in hell. unless you make something really odd and different. Meh might as well enter with something, see how it goes...
Posted by Xhunterko 10th July, 2009

@joel/pooblical: I'm pretty sure your almost garunteed some sort of nomination, high voting, or some small reward with that game. That is, if dr james doesn't enter a tormshire* demo...

*hint hint*
Posted by Ski 10th July, 2009

I thought he already entered Tormishire last year and it didn't make it?
Posted by Dr. James MD 10th July, 2009

I only entered the one 2 years ago when I was a student. If you want to front the registration fee then go ahead I have a holiday and new home to save up for.
Posted by Xhunterko 10th July, 2009

Ahh, my bad, enjoy then. Still, woulda been nice though.
Posted by Dr. James MD 10th July, 2009

Maybe next year when the game should be either done or almost done. But yea I definitely say Poobical should enter a game. Guys got talent.
Posted by Asholay 10th July, 2009

Agreed, Echo Sphere is shaping up to be a great game!
Posted by Dynamite 10th July, 2009

I wish I could enter
Posted by alastair john jack 10th July, 2009

sounds too complicated to me, I think I'll just stay ungerground indie
Posted by Poobical 10th July, 2009

Nah, the entries for IGF are way more advanced and cooler. (Even the student entries because that where I would enter if I was going to go for it.) $95 is alot of money sadly.

Who knows, I might if I get the game more completed nearer the time.
Posted by [DELETED] 10th July, 2009

Wow, $95 entry :|
I guess if you're confident and have the money, it's worth trying anyway.
Posted by Ski 10th July, 2009

IGF look for new and original concepts and styles of gameplay, basically just a game that is original. Enter an action platformer, and no matter how big or pretty it looks, it won't go far without being a somewhat original or unique gameplay experience. In some ways it's a shame, but in others it kinda makes sense.

Posted by Muz 11th July, 2009

If your game is good enough, you should have no hesitation about entering even with the $95

TBH, I don't really see anything on TDC winning it, except maybe the shareware ones.
Posted by erghhhhx 16th July, 2009

$95 is insane, IMO.

That's for Student-category too?
Posted by GameFun4U 16th July, 2009

I do find these kind of news items hilarious. Have you even taken a look what kind of games people enter in these kind of competitions? Those are far beyond anything presented at TDC. If people are desperate to loose $95 sure, go for it. I do think some mods are rating the games around here way to high to even post such news.

They don't have that $95 fee for no reason. It will at least stop most game designers wannabees from entering, until they're either given up or have become really good.
Comment edited by GameFun4U on 7/16/2009


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