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Klikdisc Accepting Content Submissions
News posted 13th July, 2009 by OMC  
Clickteam's ambitious new project, the Klikdisc, is a bi-monthly publication that comes on a CD or in a lighter version as a PDF. The first issue is going to be released soon, and you can submit content for it!

Kisguri said it best: "Clickteam's new Newsletter / CD Publication "Klikdisc" will be released soon, and besides some exclusive content, we are still accepting your submissions. Klikdisc ... [contains] the latest News from Clickteam and the community, and all your creations! We will be closing submissions on July 17th, We hope you will get us your submission before then, to submit you can leave a post here in the The Daily Click forum, or use the Klikdisc submission form..."

For more information, check out the forum post here.

Posted by Johnny Look 13th July, 2009

Posted by Kisguri 13th July, 2009

Posted by Hayo 13th July, 2009

This makes me feel all nostalgic
Posted by Deathbringer 13th July, 2009

O_o i swear there was something like this years ago, but run by different people and not Clickteam?
Posted by [DELETED] 13th July, 2009

Correct I believe, Deathbringer
Posted by Rhys D 14th July, 2009

I think it was Kisguri that used to run it anyway
Posted by alastair john jack 14th July, 2009

I like to play games
Posted by Kisguri 14th July, 2009

Yes I ran the old Klikdisc, learned alot since then, so hopefully you guys will love the new one.
Posted by Cecilectomy 15th July, 2009

bi-monthly? twice a month? or every 2 months?
Posted by Kisguri 15th July, 2009

Every two months, Excellent question!


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