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New Project Update: The Delaware Undead and KNP For Sale!
News posted 14th July, 2009 by Rikus  
Roach has finally updated his project page letting us know that his latest game called The Delaware Undead is back on track with the help of expert coder MBK we could use more games in the style like this one, so hopefully this will be finished.

Comments from Roach December 7th, 2012 - Returning from a 4 year term in the United States Air Force, Airman First Class ACTUAL NAME OMITTED, better known to his peers as Roach, discovers a secret he'll take to the grave... which, at the rate things are going, won't be too far from now.

Click here to go to the project page for The Delaware Undead

Also for all you collectors out there. Tim has his KNP box, manual and CDs for Sale on ebay! Starting at the pretty darn good price of 99cents for the knp fan it would be really worth getting! Just a FYI!

Posted by Dr. James MD 14th July, 2009

Aw man, this reminded me that I threw away the KnP box! Still have the manual, CD and case though. Wonder how much these go for :3
Posted by OMC 14th July, 2009

Posted by nim 14th July, 2009

From the ebay item description: "the software itself was written for Windows 3.1/95, but the curious owner ought to get it running via emulation"

Doesn't K&P work, even in compatibility mode?
Posted by Knockturnal 14th July, 2009

Well you see, in the olden days, all programs were DOS-based. Open in dosbox (bit tricky) and you should get it to run just fine. But who needs this program anyway.
Posted by Rox Flame 14th July, 2009

You can download knp for free and it works fine on xp and vista, ive tested it myself. That said, you don't get any box or cd or manual with the free abandonware download.
Posted by steve 14th July, 2009

what's going on with the backgrounds in Delaware? Are they lifted directly from Double Dragon? (the second screenshot especially - is stage 2 from double dragon 1)

Looks like it could be fun though (if it's programmed well)
Posted by Fanotherpg 14th July, 2009

Rox Flame,KnP was for free only for education, what's more it's not available since 2006 and it isn't abandoware.
Posted by nim 14th July, 2009

I downloaded it but it couldn't find some files. knps.dll and knpg.dll (and then knp.exe?!)
Posted by Sketchy 14th July, 2009

I didn't know KnP came on cd. I got it on floppy disks - still have them, the manual, and the piece of paper with the serial (not that you needed the serial for anything with KnP). Alas, I too threw away the box
Posted by The Chris Street 14th July, 2009

I've still got my K&P box, manual - and the massive Games Factory box too!
Posted by Simon Czentnár 14th July, 2009

I have got KNP in a packaging like this but I didn't get manual with it.
Comment edited by Simon Czentnár on 7/14/2009
Posted by AndyUK 14th July, 2009

Those sprites look like edits from King of Fighters on the Neogeo pocket.
Posted by Smirnoff 14th July, 2009

I wish I still had my copy. I bought it on ebay for $30 before I knew TGF/MMF even existed.
Posted by Jason Orme 15th July, 2009

Got Klik N Play boxed with manual and everything, also have 2 fully boxed the games factorys with manual etc. One of which came with a bonus CD of Space related stuff I beileve. Got MMF in its original thick dvd case too (even got my name above the serial code on both the MMF & MMF2)
Posted by Assault Andy 16th July, 2009

I totally have fully boxed KNP aswell. I can see it on my bookshelf
Posted by Eight Bit Battle Cat 17th July, 2009

I still have my KnP box and CD, but they look nothing like the ones in that auction.


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