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Fancy a Trip to Las Vegas?
News posted 15th July, 2009 by OMC  
As if there weren't enough Indie Gaming Compos already, Gamestop, Guildhall, and AIAS (google it) are sponsoring another indie game development competition!

The prizes are $100,000, your game published, and the chance to get into the industry and network with other like-minded people!

The IndieGames Blog article says: "A short judging period is set to commence after the final submission date, and the judging panel will select twelve finalists to be announced sometime around January 15th, 2010. The judges (consisting of AIAS members, Guildhall representatives and GameStop executives) will decide on the finalists based on three different criterias: originality, creativity and playability."

The competition is open only to US residents, unfortunately. And except for in a few states, there's a $100 entry fee. Still, quite interesting! Got a great idea cooking and some serious skills? The deadline for submissions is October 1st!

Read more at the official site

Posted by OMC 15th July, 2009

And for some reason I'm getting a bug, and it's cutting off the bottom of the post. Here's the link that WAS there:
Posted by Willy C 15th July, 2009

I don't have a $100, and I'm not from the states
Posted by Ski 15th July, 2009

Lol. Really peculiar entry limitations like the US resident rule and entry fee only applying to some states.
Posted by OMC 16th July, 2009

Yes, it is quite odd. I can see the US limitation, because paying for the winner's travelling fees would be lower plus international things are bigger deals.

Also, do they have Gamestops elsewhere? Might be because of the sponsors.
Posted by Ski 16th July, 2009

Or it might be because the US forgot that the rest of the world exists
Posted by OMC 16th July, 2009

I doubt it. It's not so unusual to limit a competition to your home country.
Posted by MBK 16th July, 2009

What's a "rest of the world"?
Hahahahahahahahah US rules! ... We're number 1!

.. just kidding ...
I'm poor anyway, so I consider myself a Chinaman or Japanese or something, haha.
I recently grew an old chinese dude beard goatee thing just to see if I could. I really did.

So does West Virginia have to pay an entry fee for that contest? I'm a' go check. Doubt I'll get to Vegas anyway as I can't afford it for one thing, and I have no game ready ... aww, forget the whole thing! Meh.
Comment edited by OldManClayton on 7/16/2009
Posted by OMC 16th July, 2009

Let's keep the comments PG, please.
Posted by weka 16th July, 2009

Damn, the prize money is a big one. Hell, if I was old enough and had some time. I'd enter.
Posted by DMT 16th July, 2009

Go for the Independent Games festival instead... It's cheaper and it's closer to me.
Posted by Dr. James MD 16th July, 2009

Yea I'd like to go to Las Ve... Oh nevermind.
Posted by [DELETED] 16th July, 2009

..Why is being poor being Chinese or Japanese?
Posted by MBK 16th July, 2009

<shrugs> ... why can't I fly like Superman?

China was a fairly poor country in the recent past and wasn't Japan too before its modernization?
You could easily place anything else in there .. Middle Eastern maybe? ...

... If I entered this contest I would just lose anyway, so it's pointless to waste money for something I'd never be able to win for whatever reason.
I lose at everything. A sad fact.
It's not an easy task to rearrange the wheels of ones own universe once one has already been grinded through its gears, but someday I'm bound to win at something, or die trying. <looks around for someone even more foolish than himself to say "Emo">

PG-13 is gonna have to do.

Posted by Liquixcat 16th July, 2009

I would try, although I am certain the guy just three posts up would destroy me... So imagine how many others could too.
Posted by Fadex 16th July, 2009

100k $!
Posted by Toadsanime 16th July, 2009

That entry fee is pretty much gonna' put everyone off unfortunately, especially seeing as there's the IGF.
Posted by Muz 16th July, 2009

Not everyone can win a IGF. In this compo, you could at least go against someone near your own level
Comment edited by Muz on 7/16/2009
Posted by Jon Lambert 16th July, 2009

Let's all move to Arizona or something real quick. Then we'd have nothing to lose!
Posted by RedEnchilada 16th July, 2009

Does anyone know which states don't have the entry fee?
Posted by Ski 16th July, 2009

I should certainly hope that was sarcastic, LC
Posted by W3R3W00F 16th July, 2009

Nope. You'd cry too if you had stand up to Tormishire.

I would love to enter, but considering I don't really take all the time in the world making games or perfecting their graphics and such, I'll just see who all gives a shot at it.
Posted by Ski 16th July, 2009

With joy, most likely.
Posted by Marko 16th July, 2009

Yes, i'd cry with joy too if i'd made something as good looking as Tormishire

I could really use that $100,000 too....
Comment edited by Marko on 7/16/2009
Posted by W3R3W00F 16th July, 2009

I'd be crying with joy if I saw Tormishire there. Mucho mucho Úpico el bueno I says.
Posted by OMC 16th July, 2009

I can think of at least three people here that would have a chance if they had a pretty honk-stinking good idea.

Still fun to think about, even though most of us would be looney to think we had a chance.
Posted by Jon Lambert 17th July, 2009

"By law, residents of Arizona, Connecticut, Maryland, North Dakota, and Vermont do not have to pay an application fee."
Posted by UrbanMonk 17th July, 2009

My aunt lives in Maryland, I might just have to pay her a visit.
Posted by Fish20 17th July, 2009

I hope they have this many years from now.
Posted by DMT 17th July, 2009

Everyone to Arizona!
Posted by [DELETED] 18th July, 2009

Mass TDC gathering in Arizona
Posted by Xhunterko 18th July, 2009

I smell an unpopular red herring.

1. entry fee

2. prize money

3. what happens in vegas...

4. distance

5. the other prize*
*what game stores would want something like ED, OMG! Zombies, tormshire, or Geronimo and the golden clock on they're shelves?
*not that they don't all deserve it. but what chance do they have against other popular, main stream choices? Probably pretty good, IF given the chance.

I am cautiously suspicious. And await the reception of this attempted venue.
Comment edited by Xhunterko on 7/18/2009

Line breaks.
Comment edited by Xhunterko on 7/20/2009
Posted by Wiiman (Evan) 18th July, 2009

Hey, since the fee is $100, less people are likely to enter, AKA you'll have a better chance!
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 23rd July, 2009

Yay Connecticut fee exemption! I KNEW living in CT was good for something. Not jobs, anyway.


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