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New Game: Kung Fu 2
News posted 19th July, 2009 by Rikus  
All of a sudden there it was! Knpmaster uploaded his latest masterpiece "Kung Fu 2" Get ready to do some kicking in this great action game!

Comments from Knpmaster Kung Fu 2 is a sequel to the NES version of Kung Fu. Kung Fu was originally created by Irem Corporation in 1984. Kung Fu 2's goal was to take the NES version, and make a sequel with revamped graphics, refined game-play, new areas to fight in, and new twists in the plot.

Click here to go to the download page for Kung Fu 2!.

Posted by Muz 19th July, 2009

When I read knpmaster and "kung fu" in the same paragraph, the first thing that came to mind was that Kung Fu Guy from the KNP libraries
Posted by [EclektiK] 19th July, 2009

Man KNPMASTER is Talent. I really love his work.
Posted by steve 19th July, 2009

lol muz... but he DID use the sound effect from that KNP/TGF game, I believe

Posted by Marko 19th July, 2009

...and what sounds like the Mortal Kombat gong at the beginning. Great game though, i hope to revie in the next 24 hours
Posted by Ultraviper 20th July, 2009

There was a plot in Kung Fu? Besides "kick people, rescue girl?"
Posted by MBK 21st July, 2009

KnpMaster lives up to his name with the quality games that he creates and this is one of the best yet.

If you haven't favourited this game yet, you really need to. It plays like the NES game did, but faster. (like the NES game but with SNES graphics and speed)

I wish I had the kind of talent KnpMaster does.



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