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Klikdisc August 2009 Issue 1 released!
News posted 2nd August, 2009 by Jon Lambert  
The first issue of Clickteam's new Klikdisc is now ready for viewing! Today Kisguri announced on the CT forums that the August 2009 issue can now be purchased from the store or downloaded for free as a PDF file. The disc itself includes over 20 games and applications to play and use, 5 of which are commercial titles. There are also four new libraries and over 30 open source files to view and use. Sounds like a good amount of stuff for $8.95!

From the Klikdisc page: Check out Clickteam's Newsletter, Klikdisc! Every two months Klikdisc comes full up with the latest Click news, upcoming games, new releases, new extensions and new features as well as access some great tutorials and open source files included on the disc. Check out games like Faerie Solitaire, Ion Adventures, Death From above and others. Build new games with two new exclusive tutorials, Match 3 and vertical shooter. As well as a ton of other stuff.

Click here for more info on this month's Klikdisc!

Posted by OMC 2nd August, 2009

Good stuff, wot wot!
Posted by Kisguri 2nd August, 2009

The Commercial Titles are only the demo's as submitted by the Different studios! And the PDF version will be out tomorrow, Hope you all like!
Comment edited by Kisguri on 8/2/2009
Posted by Rhys D 2nd August, 2009

was just going to say there is no pdf available yet
Posted by UrbanMonk 2nd August, 2009

man, good news always comes out before the good news actually comes out.

Guess I'll have to wait till tomorrow then. The Video was cool though.
Posted by W3R3W00F 2nd August, 2009

Rofl the main menu's interface looks like the Wii's.

Pretty snazzy though. Hope this gets plenty of attention.

Posted by maVado 2nd August, 2009

yeah \o/
Posted by Codemonkey 2nd August, 2009

Theres a video of some of the stuff on it.
Posted by Solgryn 2nd August, 2009

Yay I got in =D Anyways, it looks really nice =D
Posted by nim 2nd August, 2009

Just wondering - do the developers of the games on the CD get a cut of the $8.95 price? If so, it would definitely be something I'd like to support.
Posted by maVado 2nd August, 2009

I don't think they get any, those are freeware and demos.

You just reach a wider audiance with your game(s) and people may show up and support your current or future projects that were not there before. For me as a developer this would be more important then just a few cents from selling.
Posted by Kisguri 2nd August, 2009

Technically their isn't much in the way of profit, but I am looking at ways to reward contributors, some maybe financial, I have to get the orders up first. Any Ideas are wanted and welcome!
Posted by Hayo 2nd August, 2009

Speaking for myself (as the author of one of the included games) I am happy with the coverage. I think financially rewarding contributors would only make sense if the Klikdisc is reaching a broader audience. Right now I imagine it's mainly clickers who order the disc and I wouldn't want to make money on fellow clickers

A selling platform for clickers would be a pretty nice idea tho...
Posted by [DELETED] 2nd August, 2009

It sounds really good, I am gonna order this as soon as I get my tax return money.

So it's $8.95USD but additional $10 if we want the physical CD? Otherwise we just pay $8.95 and get a download for all the content..?
Posted by Kisguri 3rd August, 2009

Sorry about that Jthongbai, No for 8.95 you get the CD, mailed out standard mail. The processor was supposed to remove that silly option, Thanks for pointing it out!
Posted by [DELETED] 3rd August, 2009

Oh, excellent
Posted by s-m-r 4th August, 2009

Just placed my order.
Posted by Kisguri 4th August, 2009

In the mail by tomorrow!


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