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Broomies New Adventure Game!
News posted 3rd August, 2009 by Rikus  
Ex-TDC-Admin Broomie was kind enough to let us know about a cool new Re-make he has been working on for SpaceQuest 2. He released a hilarious funny trailer on our forums the other day that should be checked out. For old Sierra Adventure gaming fans this is some big news!

Comments from Broomie Hi everyone! Just thought I'd drop by again to reveal the trailer of a game I've been working on for the last two years and it is almost complete! It's a "VGA" remake of the classic Space Quest 2 by Sierra Online back in 1987. It's nearly complete and here is the trailer. I went for the classic 50's B-Movie style look and had a blast making it. And that's my silly voice as well, but not my real voice of course.

Click here to go to the forum page with the trailer!

Posted by Ski 6th August, 2009

Nice, I'm sure I remember seeing a screenshot of this a while back *watches trailer*


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