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News posted 9th August, 2009 by Rikus  
Lets give a big thank you to Nim, RhysD, Mark Radon, UrbanMonk Hayo on August 11th lembi2001!! and on August 12th Bibin !! Thankies!!! for donating to keep the site up and running!

There have been some great comments and ideas floating around in the previous news post, one of them being the idea of selling some of the more higher quality games to keep TDC going and giving the Author some profit to for their hard work on a game. I opened up a forum topic to let a discussion begin on that, so feel free to share your opinions on how -or if- we could start to set something like that up that would be fair to all. For other ideas please feel free to keep on posting them on the news posts!

Again thanks to all who donated it is because of you we are still chucking away today!

Update We have been in talk with Kisguri from Clickteam to sell the klikdisc on our site in return for a small amound for every copy sold, its a great idea and would help in returning funds every time a issue comes out. We are also talking in how to add more support for the klikdisc on tdc itself, for example the option to submit your game also to klikdisc when you submit the game to our site. Good stuff going on for sure!

On the topic for selling your game if we would give it the ok, Take for example Stevens turning the tide game would now contain a "Buy me now and support the site" button under the download link, the buy me now button would bring you to the "bmt micro" payment site options were the author gets paid and tdc receives a small cut. When you would submit your game to our site you would have the abbility to check mark the "Bmt micro affilate" mark so the buy me now button would appear on the downloads page. This of course would be for the high profile games, or people already selling their games in the first place.

Click here to go the discussion of selling games!

Posted by OMC 9th August, 2009

Thanks guys! We all owe you lots of DC Cookies.

OH WAIT! Those are still secret... >_>
Posted by Tom C 9th August, 2009

Thanks guys! How much bandwidth does TDC use up these days anyway?
Posted by W3R3W00F 9th August, 2009

Thanks a million times, guys! Cheers!
Posted by DMT 9th August, 2009

Good job!
Posted by Xhunterko 9th August, 2009

More TDC love! To tell you the truth, these ideas shouldn've been done int he first place!
Posted by Muz 10th August, 2009

Thanks, guys

TDC's always been a bit of a bandwidth eater. Used a few GBs back in the old days, maybe more these days because of new features, maybe less because of less members. But probably 70-95% of visitors are lurkers, so it takes up a lot of bandwidth.
Posted by Assault Andy 10th August, 2009

Thank you so much for the donations guys!
Posted by Ricky 10th August, 2009

It's clear what needs to be done here. TDC rationing. Each member has assigned days they can visit.
Posted by OMC 10th August, 2009

That helps a lot since the price for hosting would still exist.

Even if we streamline everything perfectly, the site still costs money. >_<
Posted by UrbanMonk 10th August, 2009

I'm waiting on the kilkdisk to be sold here so I can buy it!
Posted by Marko 10th August, 2009

Posted by lembi2001 11th August, 2009

Donated - can't let TDC go under!!!! its not a lot but it's all i could afford.
Posted by LB 11th August, 2009

I don't want TDC to fall prey to the vampire cows!
Posted by OMC 11th August, 2009

Don't worry, I am the ruler of all cows. I will stave them off.
Posted by Strife 11th August, 2009

Just send the cows over to my wife. She has a thing for bovines and will love you forever.

Judging by the ideas that have been thrown around in the discussion thread, the whole "selling games" thing sounds like it'll be an extremely useful way to promote personal game projects without having a negative effect on the rest of the site. Let's cross our fingers and hope it goes somewhere good.
Posted by Jess Bowers 11th August, 2009

Great job, guys!
Posted by Introversity 11th August, 2009

Good job donating, guys!

According to the payment thread, the site costs a bit over 2 dollars a day to run. That's pretty expensive for one person, but then there must be at least 30 active people on this site, which means if each person donates a bit over 2 dollars PER MONTH, then the site should be fine. That sounds more than reasonable, especially if that 2 dollars is paying for special access, or games, or comes from klikdisc profits, etc.
Posted by Rikus 12th August, 2009

Thanks for the recent donation of lembi2001!!!!
Posted by Hayo 12th August, 2009

Who's UrbanMonk Hayo?
Posted by Rob Rule 12th August, 2009 change...
Posted by OMC 12th August, 2009

And another big thanks to Bibin for donating too!
Posted by Yai7 13th August, 2009

Make that so people will be able to buy click points!


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