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New Special Project: A Man With a Monocle
News posted 15th August, 2009 by Rikus  
Well here is something inspiring and admiring. Johnny Look decided to sell a game but the kick is he wants a large part of the proceedings going to support TDC. How amazing is that? I applaud Johnny for caring this much!

Comments from Johnny Look As everyone knows by now, TDC needs help urgently to pay it's bills so I decided to create a game, my best yet, to be sold with TDC getting the biggest cut. If by any chance I feel the final product doesn't have enough quality to be sold, it will be released as freeware (quite possibly open-source). The game is being written in C++ using SDL so that I can release the game for as many diferent platforms as possible.

Click here to go to the project page for A Man With a Monocle

Posted by UrbanMonk 15th August, 2009

I like that title screen. I'll definatly keep an eye on this.
Posted by Marko 15th August, 2009

As am eye! (get it? Sorry...)

I really wish Johnny the very best of luck! Image
Comment edited by Marko on 8/15/2009
Posted by Ski 15th August, 2009

New project?
Posted by Ricky 15th August, 2009

You were very bold to post this rikus
Posted by OMC 15th August, 2009

Posted by Marko 15th August, 2009

This is the news post of bad puns!
Posted by Johnny Look 15th August, 2009

Hey thanks for the newspost rikus and thanks everyone !

I'm pretty sure it would be help a lot if more people did the same, I believe doing this could be TDC's lifeboat.
Posted by Johnny Look 15th August, 2009

oh and marko I got it
Posted by Hayo 15th August, 2009

Good luck with this, I hope you will make a million bucks with it so TDC will go on forever. You can't go wrong with monocles I am sure.
Posted by Rikus 15th August, 2009

The game is boldly go were no other games have gone before!
Posted by Rob Rule 15th August, 2009

Posted by Marko 16th August, 2009

Chuck Rock, oh wait i didn't understand the joke there.....
Posted by Introversity 16th August, 2009

The news post is in bold.
Posted by nim 16th August, 2009

It's bold so that people who wear reading eyepieces can see it clearly.
Posted by W3R3W00F 17th August, 2009


Thanks for helping TDC out, Johnny! You are TDC Pioneer!
Posted by Marko 17th August, 2009

Yes, i think you are the Italic-an Stallion!

...oh wait, the joke was about bold, wasn't it!


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