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New Game: Cave Jumper 1.5
News posted 19th August, 2009 by Rikus  
We got word in today that the folks at TGP finished a update to their first commercial game called Cave Jumper 1.5 they have a cool video of the game on their project page so have a look!

Comments from KNPMaster We have just finished and released Cave Jumper version 1.5. It has many improvements over the old version. Cave Jumper is a gaming experience that will put you on the edge of seat with its addictive, technical, platforming action! Help everyone's favorite Spelunker dig his way to bounds of treasure, while avoiding cleverly placed traps and larger-than-life monsters!

Click here to go to the External project page for Cave Jumper 1.5

Posted by UrbanMonk 19th August, 2009

I downloaded the first free version. Lost it, later bought it back again. That version's music doesn't work though. I wonder if he'll give me this new version for free?
Posted by alastair john jack 19th August, 2009

yay lens flare
Posted by Hayo 19th August, 2009

Was about to say that.
Posted by UrbanMonk 19th August, 2009

The new version doesn't change much except the levels, and the health bar. Also you can select any level you've beaten to.

Pretty much the same awesome game.
Posted by KNPMASTER 19th August, 2009

There are also a bunch of bug fixes
Posted by [DELETED] 22nd August, 2009

Looks pretty fun!
Posted by bigredron 27th August, 2009

This game actually looks pretty cool!


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