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New Game: Jirosum
News posted 22nd August, 2009 by Jon Lambert  
Hey out there! Wanting to do some maths problems? Well here's a fun and action-y to do just that! Fifth has created a math based shoot-em-up for the TIGSource Adult/Educational Competition! It's a pretty clever concept and kept me coming back for more!

Comments from Fifth: This is a math-based shoot-em-up made for the "Adult/Educational" competition at TIGSource. Every enemy in the game has a numeric value, and every value has an enemy. You can absorb enemies into the spinning + sign (addition), and then shoot the sum back at other enemies as a negative number (subtraction). You can absorb up to a set limit (it starts at 10), and shoot through as many enemies as the value totals. It's best to keep the totals balanced, though, as any leftover negative value will come back at you afterward.

Click here to download Jirosum!

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