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August GOTM Nominees are up!
News posted 31st August, 2009 by Rikus  
Time to pick your FAV. game of the month! Like a game? played it more then you should have? Well why not vote for it!!! Go and vote now! Stop reading this and vote!!! Your sanity might depend on it!

Just another reminder " There are now 3 trophees to be won. The person with the most votes will receive a brand new Golden GOTM trophee and 2500 Dc points will be added to their profile. The person with the second most votes will win a Silver Trophee and 1000 dc points (woot) and finally the person with the third most votes will win the brand new Bronze Trophee and 500 spiffy dc points.

Voting will last until next monday and the winner will be announced shortly after. Good Luck to all, and thank you for submitting all of these games! We love to create and to play games!

Click here to go to the download page ---> Also let us know what game you voted for and why!

Posted by UrbanMonk 31st August, 2009

voted for FallOver! The only other good games that I've played are JiroSum and those fangames. I'd rather a fangame not win though.
Posted by OMC 31st August, 2009

I voted for FallOver. I must confess, I haven't played all of the entries. I am terribly ashamed and should not have cast my vote. (I've looked at them all, just haven't played them all)
Posted by Watermelon876 31st August, 2009

Never got to enter my game yet! Better double my efforts! If I don't finish then... No More Plumbers.
Posted by alastair john jack 31st August, 2009

I voted for edge of the planet cause I had fun making and playing it!
Posted by Fanotherpg 31st August, 2009

Jirosum. I couldn't decide Jiro or FallOver but I decided Jiro cause it's harder.
Posted by Cecilectomy 31st August, 2009

i choose you jirosum!
Posted by Zzynck 31st August, 2009

No More Plumbers, EP2.

Even though it doesn't use original graphics, the gameplay, storyline and even the cutscenes are beyond original. I always have fun playing this game, and will be looking out for future episodes.
Posted by Ski 31st August, 2009

No more Plumbers for me.
Posted by Sketchy 31st August, 2009

Tough choice this month...
I loved "Fall Over", but it was just too short - another 10 levels and it would be the clear winner.

In the end, I voted for "Atrigan Tank Wars". It just feels more substantial, even if it's not very polished.
Posted by Codemonkey 31st August, 2009

Posted by Marko 31st August, 2009

I just realised that i hadn't downloaded most of these this month, and those i had played i'd forgotten about!

So i'm going through the list one-by-one before i vote. Note i've gotten as far as (and yet to play) Taskmania, and i've left comments/ratings for all of those in that list so far. Very niiiiiiice!
Posted by Marko 31st August, 2009

Played them all (except for a couple that i couldn't play or couldn't download) - voted for the Moose game, very addictive! There were a few i also thought were close seconds: Fallover!, The Chickening, Taskmania, Jirosum, and an honourable mention to a game i really liked - Atrigan Tank Wars.

A very tough month for anyone who entered, i think!
Posted by Strife 31st August, 2009

For once, I honestly have no idea who will end up winning.

Of the games i've played, FallOver has my vote, but I think i'll try out a few more of the nominees before I make a final choice.
Posted by 0ko 31st August, 2009

Posted by nathan smithe 11th September, 2009

I voted for The Chickening because I made it.


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