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Klikdisc October 2009
News posted 31st August, 2009 by OMC  
Well here we go again! Time to submit your games and content and apple pie recipes (I'd give you DC Points for that) to the Klikdisc! The August issue apparently went over quite well so the effort on the next issue has been increased. No doubt even more cool stuff to see and submit for the next issue.

Comments from Kisguri: "If you have a awesome Klik creation you want to share and immortalize on the next issue, or maybe you have a commercial game demo you want to get out to more people, then please SUBMIT IT NOW!, We also are looking for Tutorial writers, And anyone who wants to write a preview or review please let us know. If interested or have a comment please leave it below! Klikdisc is your community CD mag you tell us what you want"

You can check out the list of already-accepted content and even submit your stuff in the forum post.

Visit the Klikdisc submission topic

Posted by Cecilectomy 31st August, 2009


on another note. klikcast ep 15 finally showed up on itunes today. -__-
Posted by OMC 31st August, 2009

Yes it did!


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